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Hello everyone,

I really liked the Super Sport Evolution from "Open" Sim Racing, but he asks $23 for the plans, which is a ridiculous price for such a simple design, especially since he's using the "Open" moniker. Luckily I'm no slouch when it comes Solidworks and CAD, and he left some drawings with dimensions on the product page, so I recreated it in a couple of hours, and I wanted to share it with you guys. The final design differs from the original OSR design quite a bit, with a big focus on ease of manufacturing and price. Instead of only using 18 mm (3/4") plywood, I combined it with 5x5cm (2x2") beams to add structural integrity. Also, the mounting/screw points have been simplified, with simple 5x5x5cm (2x2x2") spacer blocks from the same wood. Additionally, all individual parts are simplified to be able to hand draw them on a sheet of A2 paper with just a ruler and a pencil (no sending stuff over to the print shop).



The entire steering column can move about 20 cm back and forth, the seat height is adjustable, and if you mount the wheelbase platform in a smart way you can tilt it as well. The only thing I didn't model was the platform for the pedals and the platform for the wheelbase, because that is simple to make and varies from person to person how they like it.

Materials required to build this:
- car seat (check your junkyard, I got an awesome Seat Ibiza RS seat for 40 euros)
- about 2m2 of 18 mm (3/4") plywood, make sure it is straight and not warped!
- 4 pieces 5x5cm (2x2") by 180 cm structural wood
- wood glue
- wood screws of choice (suggested length 30~40 mm)

Tools required:
- jigsaw
- handsaw or other tool to cut the beams to size
- cordless drill (get a good one, many holes to drill and screw)
- ruler
- clamps (minimum span about 15 cm)

If you want to paint it:
- sandpaper
- primer for around 2.5m2
- grease cleaner/remover
- paint (duh!) for around 2.5m2



You will need 2 of this part. (All dimensions with decimals are NON CRITICAL, being off by a few millimeters wont matter a bit! Just make sure the two parts are symmetrical. Also, just freehand the circle radius with a small dish)


You will need 2 of this part.


You will need 4 of this part.


You will need 4 of this part.


Print out this part on true size A4 paper and just use that, the scale is 1:1 You will need 2 pieces of this part.


And for mounting the seat you will need 1 550x420 mm square from the plywood.


Now for the beam lengths:
2x 130 cm
2x 70 cm (for the steering column)
2x 42 cm (for the seat mounting)
8x 5 cm (for the spacers)


I'm currently in the process of building this myself, so I will keep you guys posted on the progress and the potential pitfalls of the design!






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