SOLD: OpenWheeler Gen1/Gen2 Frame (No Chair), US-VA (DMV) Local Pickup, Excellent Pre-Owned Condition

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Hey all,

I'm still trying to get rid of a spare Openwheeler frame I have.  Last piece of sim-related equipment I have for sale, hopefully for a while.

Images below in the link:

This link is what I have (roughly):

It includes everything but the chair, which was sold with my GEN 3 rig. The wheel mount and wheel frame attachment is GEN 2, and the rest of the frame is Gen 1. Everything that originally came with the frame is included: all parts, knobs, wrenches and bolts. The only thing missing is a seat, which can be jerryrigged if you can find a cheap one or easily mounted with more formal racing chairs. In excellent pre-owned condition.

Did not handle my DD1 particularly well, but is a champ with belt-driven and gear-driven wheels.

Asking 100 local cash in the DMV (DC) area, I'm in NoVa. I paid 200 for the frame, and it looks like through the link that's still what it costs. Price fairly firm, but will entertain offers. Shoot me a PM if interested. Thanks.


SOLD.  Thanks.


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