Logitech G923 G29 G27 G920 Steering Wheel Adapter Designer Tattoo Edition Mod
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Steering Wheel Adaptor for Logitech G27 G29 G920 G923 Tattoo Designer Artwork Edition.
If you have your own design contact me. It can be made into an adaptor or center cap.
Each adaptor is a unique hand finished item in house by me, they are 3d printed to the highest quality. Painted, engraved and varnished by hand.
My designer adaptors double as a center caps - Badges , you can see the artwork in the center when you install the new wheel.
Theses can also be kept and mounted / displayed when no longer being used. 
All my adaptors are of the highest professional quality, my unique designs have been tried and tested with over a 4000 happy customers since 2017.
Attaches to the hub centre with the original Logitech bolts. 
Attach the new wheel with 16-20mm M5 bolts or the bolts that came with the new wheel. 
20210622_193405.thumb.jpg.560f800eb9ecaecc09332d09e41970b7.jpg 20210622_193413.thumb.jpg.7b083de9e20e6b7e91ada59216950efc.jpg  20210622_193429.thumb.jpg.ee192ba2823ab4780412638688df8ff4.jpg  20210622_193440.thumb.jpg.1cad078e7709e0b39d8fc250b443fee9.jpg  20210622_193344.thumb.jpg.94f428563d86543748363366b1cefad8.jpg  20210622_193356.thumb.jpg.f6ef6a4ee6c8666b8ccf1c921d7b4977.jpg

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