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Tracks for Rfactor2

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After opening the game itself look above the CAR/TRACK/Race buttons and you'll see Component Manager it's at the very top, click that. Look for the track you just dropped in the folder.

Like you I had some tracks/components that had to be installed differently, meaning, I could not simply go to the Manage Mod's on opening screen and then install using the manager.

Once you open Component Manager you should see your track listed there, click and it will install. When they install this way it doesn't show in the manage mods window where all the other tracks are listed.

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Figured out how to make these other additions (tracks added via Component Manager) visible in Manage Mods.

After opening the rF2 Launcher

Click Manage Mod's

Click Options

Uncheck Show Mods Only

Now the items you've added using the Component Manager etc. will also appear on the Mod's list.

By the way, the track I loaded using CM was Watkins Glen, one of my favorite all time tracks. But the rF2 version will rattle your teeth out of your head (assuming they're as old as mine :) ) around the first left hander AFTER the bus stop. Yikes. It's pretty bouncy, as I have never driven the track in real life I don't know what to make of that is not as rough in any other sim I drive but even so, I don't care. Still like it! :)

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