FOR SALE: SPARCO SL-17 Racing Shoes, Size EU 45/US 11.5 (Fantastic for Sim Racing), Brand New SOLD
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Hi all,

Trying to get rid of a pair of SPARCO SL-17 Racing Shoes, Black and Red color, Size 11.5 US/45 EU, in Brand New condition.  Were ordered from Amazon UK and arrived without the original box.  Were a bit too large, and a major bungling of the return has allowed me to keep these shoes for sale.

The reason I'm listing (or attempting to list) them here on ISR is because I use these SPARCO shoes (the ones I got a size down after this return went south) almost exclusively for Sim Racing, and they are fantastic.  Pedal feel is right on the money with the thin sole, and they're super comfortable.  You can obviously use them for other things, and I occasionally take them to the karting track, but they sit next to my P1X and are a staple of my sim setup.  

11.5/45 sizing runs about as expected - I wear a Size 11 Nike sneaker, and these 11.5 SPARCOs were about a half inch too large.  Some reviews of this shoe say it runs a bit small, but that is not my experience in this case.  The sizing is accurate.  Brand New, as shown in pictures.

I'm asking for 80 shipped from US-VA, but will take offers.  That's an all-inclusive price, with PayPal Goods and Services fees and shipping on my end.  These shoes retail at around 125 after tax and shipping on Amazon, and about the same from the SPARCO US official store, where I bought my replacements after Amazon messed up this first order.  Shipping to the Continental US only.  Can do local as well.  

Understand I'm stretching the rules a bit here, mods can go ahead and remove if it's too far from equipment.


EDIT: Sold.


s-l1600 (1).jpg





s-l1600 (2).jpg


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