Thrustmaster T300 RS. Adapter and Sports Paddle shift extenders
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3d Printed for Thrustmaster T300 RS. Adapter and Sports Paddle shift extenders. 
Adjustable for 320+ Flat dish Steering Wheels,  Black Carbon look 
Included in the kit
Thrustmaster T300 RS / T300 RS GT  Steering Wheel  Adapter.
Paddle Extenders Shifters and screws  No Dismantling needed for the shifters.
The adapter attaches to the hub centre with the 3 original Thrustmaster Bolts M4. 
Attach the new wheel with 3 x16mm M5 bolts or the bolts that came with the new wheel if they are correct size. (M5 bolts are not included)
Note this is for an adaptor only, steering wheel parts in the photos are not included.
The paddle shifters are compatible with Flat Dish  Aftermarket steering wheels with 70mm PCD like Sparco, Momo, OMP  ETC: 
These adaptor paddles are 3d printed and just clip on to the original paddles no dismantling needed, they extend out each side and upwards towards the wheel
by 18mm which allows the use of wheel adaptors.
With these Paddles you will be able to use your aftermarket steering wheel as with the original shifters.
 20210516_154423(1).thumb.jpg.4ffce85836f5a0868faa66580c3b0d19.jpg 20210516_115558(1).thumb.jpg.a2a802c2bc4996d86806cdf18222a35d.jpg  20210516_154947(1).thumb.jpg.c9556d06bdcc47d040b06943bf2d2ccb.jpg
Any questions drop me a line. 




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