Personalised Custom Laser Engraved Center Caps
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Any Logo Steering Wheel Center Cap / Badge PCD 70mm  £9,50 Contact me with a logo idea or they are  AVAILABLE HERE 
3D Printed and hand finished with a printed carbon fiber texture. Fits deep and flat dish wheels with a PCD of 70mm. SPARCO MOMO OMP etc.
Laser engraved wood and Carbon textured center cap hand finished with any LOGO.

-Any Car Logo.
-Any Car Number.
-Any Club Logo.
-Any name or any clip art.

Your own Logo Button Cap / Center Cap laser engraved real birch wood. engraved to order so you can customize your 70mm aftermarket steering wheel.
To fit the logo button cap, just Bolt to the center of you aftermarket wheel to give your rim a new original look with you favourite logo.

.20210505_205627.thumb.jpg.594a861be625e1170061f28907d7d2c6.jpg20210505_210111.thumb.jpg.858a49f56edcc2d3495aa5b7d473f864.jpg20210505_205414.thumb.jpg.185b19ce79dcb6d48adc432e685d3745.jpg20210214_162519.thumb.jpg.6203efd54eb9205281dd15a40118d540.jpg 20210214_162506.thumb.jpg.9b724119611e94a56dec5ff8ae9fb6a3.jpg 20210214_162651.thumb.jpg.4f111164d2511abdc184c3a286305443.jpg  20210214_162709.thumb.jpg.a9c1c9e68717c2db17ed76430d276777.jpg    

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