Slight noise in T300 base.
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Hi guys,

Two days ago I received my T300 Ferrari GTE and just today, the F1 add-on came in; I'm pretty happy now.
Today, mounting the F1 wheel, my daughter had a test and I really wanted to try it probably know how that goes ;)
So, I drove without sound, just to feel the wheel.
I was driving F1 2020 on Spielberg and in the last short straight, before the two right handers to get on the pit-straight, there is some rumble in the road.
Now the onroad feedback isn't high; it's at 20, but having no "turning load" on the wheel, just having it straight, made the wheel rumble off course.
What I noticed, is that the base than makes a sound whilst on other rumbles (through gras for example) it doesn't really.

The noise is a bit of a soft rattling; I mean, I only heard it for the first time when driving without I noticed once; I do hear it without sound though.
Best is in "properties" when the load is off the wheel and you can turn it to the end (for this wheel, that is 380 degrees) you hear a slight "took".
Only for the first time, second time you run it into the end, it doesn't and you have to go to the other side to hear it again.

Best way to hear it, is in properties and you go to "effects", choose "boing" and it rumbles, making a bit of a "plasticy" vibration. A sound one would expect totally from a G27 (I had before) but not really on this wheel.

When I load the wheel, turning it to the right and then clicking "boing" its not there, turning it more, or left, I hear it again.

Now the wheel works proper, the sound is not that loud.......and I am one to get myself crazy over this.
Do "you guys" have this sound too, is it normal?

So what do you say?
- Dude, it's all plastic, metal and belts inside; there's bound to be some noise, stop whining!
- Dude, I never heard any sound on mine, you should keep an eye on it/send it back!

I'm really hoping it is normal and I am crazy; don't want to send it back for such a small thing. I am one to have sleepless nights over this though.

Thanks in advance guys! 

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