Thrustmaster T300RS usb internal connections
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I've been having connection issues with my pedals. Nothing shows up. I've check the pedals (got another set to test which worked 100%)  thought maybe it was the pedals that were not working. Checked all connections. 

I decided to open the wheel and see if anything was loose inside. 

Upon opening up the wheel I found this issue. 

There was a wire (thicker black one) that comes from the usb connection internally. It's not connected to anything. I believe this may be the issue. There are 4 wires on the usb into a clip plug red, green, white and another black with a thinner covering. The thicker black one was not connected to anything. 
I've attached pictures. 
Please advise to where this black wire should be connected. It has a solder tin so it must connect somewhere.







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