Paddle sifters and Adapters for Logitech G27 G29 G920
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Logitech G27 G29 G920 Steering Wheel Adapters, Adaptors for G Series wheelbases with 70mm and 74mm PCD adaptors available. 

Original designed and modelled by SimGadgetStudios and all hand finished with a 3d printed black carbon look and coloured insert on certain adaptors.

Available from the following links.

eBay Shop

Etsy Shop

20210316_142911.thumb.jpg.e89b6f072d5e676e54ffc7a21e9c45b0.jpg 20210316_142925.thumb.jpg.fd33618cd6055737d704de094bf314f4.jpg 20210316_142937.thumb.jpg.81a9421fe1aa8e672d77666e9be8bb29.jpg 20210316_143046.thumb.jpg.7d05ffab43f1cb75904132d473fa5684.jpg 20210316_143030.thumb.jpg.84f73ebd5cbc19b836bf98a7b33cd459.jpg

20210325_153048.thumb.jpg.928473da8fdf7b836f35fdf74db355f6.jpg 20210325_153111.thumb.jpg.d9cb3f85d09ca22270e7549446892045.jpg 20210325_153150.thumb.jpg.6b1d92cbd011d71125457998bddcb2cb.jpg 20210325_153203.thumb.jpg.25dadf61ab81731bcea49fe6da62c62d.jpg



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