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Hi Everyone,
I'm posting this feeler/question concerning this Formula Rim for the CSR Elite.
I have recently spent a good amount of money to have my CSR Elite completely refurbished by Fanatec, with the intent of using it along with my G29/G27 as a backup wheel and for older games (including on XBOX 360 and PS3) that don't support the Podium. A good choice, too, as my Podium DD1 is now in the shop for USB failure, lol.
I'm in search of this rim to add to my collection. According to the Fanatec website, this was the only rim variant for the CSR Elite wheelbase, which was released in 2012 and is the predecessor to the currently sold belt-driven CSL Elite. I'm also unsure if this rim was ever released in the USA, as I can't find any record of it stateside.
From what I can tell, this is an extremely rare rim. I can't find any record of any sales on eBay or other major retailers.
I would love to own this rim and swap it with the stock one I have now whenever I feel the need. If anyone has this rim and is willing to let it go, let me know via reply or PM. The last recorded sale I could find on ISR for just the rim was for $100 - I would be willing to pay significantly more than that.
I'll leave this up as easily searchable. Thanks.



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