2 SC2 SCN6 actuators/control box/ 8020 brackets/ rocker plate (Lowered Price)
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$825 plus Shipping

For sale I have 2 SCN6 actuators, control boxes and power supply. This is the system that Prosimu used to sell as an upgrade to their T1000 platform to go from a static rig to a 2dof rig. I bought the actuators and control units from them last March and took delivery of them in early April. Because this system is meant to go on their rig I had to do a little DIY to get it working on my 80/20 rig. I had a heavy duty acrylic piece made for the make so that the rig could rock from side to side and also had two mounting brackets machined out of aluminum to attach to an 80/20 rig. I 3d printed some mounting brackets to mount two of the control boxes to the rig and just used velcro to attach the remaining boxes under my pedal deck.
The actuators work great and the machined aluminum plates have zero flex. I used two pipe claps at the top of the actuators just incase the aluminum had any give but realized that they were completely unnecessary. Along with this I am including an extra acrylic rocker plate (just in case) although through the use of this on my rig there were no cracks, splits or any signs of wear. The company that cut it for me made an extra and just threw it in with the one that I used. I have and will forward the email information I received from Prosimu regarding set up and wiring schematics pretty much just instructions of what plugs go where. You will need a simtools license in order to run the actuators which I believe is a one time fee. I have the license but it is non transferable. This is a great way to get into a motion rig without breaking the bank. This set up minus all the custom bits retails for 1700 from Prosimu and you would need one of their T1000 rigs to attach it to. I have done all the grunt work to get it to work with an 80/20 for you. Minus the sim tools license this is plug and play.
I have two videos, one of the actuators going through their start up cycle and one of them running during a hotlap. I cannot attach videos to the for sale thread but would be more than happy to share them with interested parties.











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lowered price

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I do have it listed on xsimulator but not xsim.de.  They are located in the US and I know that shipping overseas right now and in the foreseeable future is going to be expensive.  I guess that it can't hurt to advertise though.

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