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ISR - DIY Rig 1 - The Deathmobile - wood rig

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Well I took a stab at it today. I have all the cuts done but it is late and I ran out of screws. This is my progress so far. I am going to be mounting the monitors on a 2x6 at the top of the tall pieces for a 3 monitor setup like someone else posted earlier (even though I only have 2 monitors right now, so I will only mount 1 tomorrow). I'm painting it and moving it into the house tomorrow once everything is put together. I also think I am going to put some carpet or something on the particleboard that way my pedals won't slide that much, same for the wheel support deck.



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As an update I have finally finished putting together my rig. Thanks for the help for the plans and those I asked advice from. I think it looks really good. Excuse the messy garage. I am now waiting on paint to dry so I can apply another coat. I think this is going to make my experience so much better.



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I changed a few things, added wheels at the back, a handle up front, angled the pedals, and bolted them down, and they feel much more realistic. I also wrapped a few things in black outdoor carpet(first time doing that)

The seat was free, and will be replaced at a later date.






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Hello ISRTV, 

Just thought I would share the rig that my buddy built me, out of wood. He recently got into sim racing and found a few DIYs, he used to build his and then mine. I had a small area where I could fit a rig and this was just too perfect for it, worked out great! 

Here it is before paint and pedals not mounted:



Painting, yay.


All painted now and pedals mounted to rig, inverted: 


New 32'' LED TV and cables all cleaned up:




I was going to build a shifter mount, for a more realistic position, but realized it would make it difficult to get in/out and I grew to liking where the shifter is now. I can also double this rig as a desk, just have to move the wheel over and using the center for keyboard. Although I have my Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse connected, I use a wireless keyboard with touchpad, so I can keep wheel where it's at and still browse the web easily and whatnot. Made such a huge difference, coming from a wobbly desk. Cost my buddy $42 in materials and $80 for the seat from Craig's List. $15 in painting material as well. I've been sim racing since the early days of LiveForSpeed demo, first time having a rig. My wife thought it was a bit silly, but after painting and cleaning up the room, looks cool now :)

Thanks to my friend who built it and community for inspirations and ideas. 

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Here is my version.

I call it the Ghetto Sim Star Porker Special 5000, the sim rig intended for those with $10 for a pizza, but not $10 for a gym membership.

Made from the finest timbers available at a local hardware store’s bargain bin, no expense was spared, unless I possibly could.

Race away in a genuine office chair purchased from the local thrift shop. When you feel its authentically softened and worn texture against your backside, you will know where your $4 went.

Top it off with an extra butt cushion and complete and total adjust ability for anyone with a power drill, extra wood, screws and tools and you have the top sim rig for large mammals under $60.

I know it's bad, but man was it fun to build and it's actually pretty nice and comfortable to race with. You could build it for $55, but I used stainless steel bolts for the seat for my heavy weight. That's a T300 RS in the seat. I use the g920 on xbox one, and use the Thrustmaster with the Logitech pedal adapter for ps3 and pc. Pedals are hard mounted. It's a fun addition to the crash pad.

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Hi all,

Here is my version of the death mobile! With all materials seat and stickers it came to a price of £87!!

I have added a keyboard tray that slides in and out underneath the wheel deck. 

I have 12x Roof type joists holding the rig together which makes in not really move even a mm :P

The monitor is built in the rig too, so it doesn't take up so much space.

I added sides, Three coats of paint and some stickers.

I made it longer aswell. Looking at the video, the seat seemed to be hanging of the back a lot (Size dependant I know)

Just want to say a big thank you for the initial plan, it gave me a direction of what to do,  I like the turn out of the rig  and at a extremely good price too.


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On 3/28/2012 at 1:26 PM, Shaun Cole said:



You inspired me to build one for my son.


The front seat cost me $30.00. It came out of a wrecked Sunfire and has an adjustable rack that acts as a built in riser.


Still needs tweaking, but it works great.




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