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Some people are curious how I mounted a monitor on a deathmobile


Here are some pictures to explain it and I'll explain in text


Bascially all flatscreen TV's have a 4 pattern mount with threads


I took 2 machine screws and put those into the top most screw threads, then took some heavy gauge metal wire and bent it into a straight rod that fits over the screws

that makes the back of the TV like a picture frame.


Then I have 2 wood screws in the top of the TV mount on the rig, so you just hang the whole monitor on those


its not very heavy , less than 7lbs so the weight is no problem


here are the images of how it all works






this image shows how much space is inbetween the wheel and screen. its the perfect distance




This is the hook system



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Inspired by this thread, disatisfaction of the curren setup (a chair and folding Steering/Pedal platform) I built this over the long weekend.


The steering platform is not quite where I want it, so I am doing to remove the screws and used welding clamps to hold it in place.

Once I am sure of the location, I will permantently reattach it.

Following that I will remove the seat and driving components and paint it.


Total spent was $61.00.  I had a couple 2x4s and some melamine shelving.

The wheels are from a broken Harbor Freight creeper. 

The creeper wasn't built all the well, but the ball bearing wheels were pretty good, glad I saved them.

The seat is the stock Drivers seat from a 1993 RX-7.






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My design is slightly different from the deathmobile design.

I wanted it to be light and easy to dismantle. It is working great and i'm so glad I spent the time and energy to build it.

can you give some dimensions on it i really like the portability of your design and would like to copy it, thanks

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We recently did an episode on the show about building your own rig or DIY rig. We showed every step and have posted the drawings and plans here. There is also a link to the video if you would like to watch us build it and follow along.

The tools that we need for the job are:


A stable work bench

A "C" clamp

Circular saw (to cut the wood)

Electric drill with a small drill bit for pilot holes ( 9/64" )

Rechargeable drill with Phillips Head

Phillips Screw Driver

Tape Measure

Straight edge



Materials Needed:

4 - 2" x 4" (8 Foot)

1 - 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 (6 foot)

1 - 11" MDF Shelving (8 Foot) ours was 1" MDF, plywood also works but has rougher edges, solid board is fine also

2 1/2" Wood Screws (Large Box 1lb.)

1 5/8" Wood Screws (Small box 30)

#12 Wood Screws 1 1/4" (4)


The only trick cuts are for the wheel deck upright supports. I literally held them in place and marked them with a pencil and cut them to match my rig. It turns out the pieces are 32" long on the longer edge and cut to 30 degrees on one end with 60 degree cut on the other. Double check how it lines up before cutting.

Here is a picture of the initial sketches:

attachicon.gifdeathmobile plans 003b.jpg

This is a 3d drawing showing the position of the pieces:

attachicon.gifdeathmobile plans 002b.jpg

Here is a list of wood pieces that will need to be cut:

attachicon.gifdeathmobile plans 004b.jpg

Here is a link to the video:

hi could you tell me a way i could put a logitec g27 steering wheel and gear shift on thank you

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Just an update here. I'm making a new rig. Basically got the plans already laid out in my mind and drafted this up earlier.


The points I wanted to improve upon over my old rig.


  • Better seating posture. Better driving position
  • Easier to get in and out of
  • More stable from lateral stress


Using what I learned from previous building (I've made around 3 different rigs now including a center post one)

I think this will be the best one yet.


I saw a similar post with this design so I'm not taking credit. Just putting the plans out easier to view.


For the seating stand and wheel height you'll have to tailor those to fit your height so this is just a guideline.


I'll post a finished up pictures when I'm done. Currently in the process of buying supplies.



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hello everyone I am new to the forum I wanted to ask if you could have the measures in centimeters thank you in advance ; )


Not that I know of.. You can google a measurement or length converter and just plug in the numbers and it will give them to you in CM or MM or whatever you like. Shouldn't take long to convert. 

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Also note that the design uses pre-cut lumber sizes that are common in the US, so in addition to converting the lengths to cm it might be easier to build if you adjust all of the dimensions to fit the lumber you can get locally.


Perhaps most importantly, if you're doing a conversion and aren't familiar with US lumber you should know that the "2x4" and "2x6" boards mentioned in the diagram are not actually 2x4 and 2x6 inches.  Those are traditional names for rough-cut boards (before they've been planed smooth), and the actual dimensions you get in the hardware store are (I think) 1.5x3.5 and 1.5x5.5 inches.  The board lengths are still measured exactly.  Dimensions on plywood and MDF are also exact, so 24x48 in that case means exactly 24x48 inches.

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Awesome job I will be using your plans this weekend.  What is the degrees on the 30" side peices that have the bolts in them?  Is it 30 degrees like the original deathmobile?

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I got mine functional this weekend.  Here is my version.  I still need to add a spot for a shifter, carpet, a seat from the junkyard, and paint but it is fully functional.


Awesome man, loving it. Looks like you made the  top deck longer and also didn't make your corner cuts as deep as mine.


Since I posted here I've improved my rig too.

I added 4 caster wheels and finished buying the top deck hardware


Doing that really improved it overall because now its super easy to work on when I need to roll something out and adjust it.

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