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March on Michigan New Qualifying Procedure

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Hi All,

First off, my apologies to all of you that ran a qualifying attempt yesterday March 17th. Your run will be scrubbed. Reason for this is the way that iRacing's tournament mode works. Only drivers that start round one of a tournament can start in round two. That is unless we add the other drivers manually and it turns into a logistic nightmare for all pf us. For that reason, we will be running qualifying the following way.

On March 31st - (Race Day) all registered drivers for the event must join round one of the tournament on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at UTC 16:30:00 (12:30 PM EDT). There will be multiple servers for Pro thru C Licensed drivers and multiple for the D and Rookie Licensed drivers. You can join any one of those servers to run your laps based on your license level.

Once you join a server, you can't switch. The server you qualify in will have no bearing on the server you race in. You also won't be able to join a server that your license level won't allow.. So don't worry mixing that up. There will be a password for everyone emailed 48 hours before the race.

The session will start with a 15 minute practice session to allow all the drivers to locate a server and enter.

All drivers will get 4 laps to put down their best qualfier in a lone session.

The fields will then be sorted by lap times with the top 43 drivers going into the top split of the Pro thru C drivers. The rest of the splits will be divided equally among the remaining drivers.

The Rookie and D fields will be sorted equally.

Any drivers that enter a session and do not put down a qualifying lap will be sorted by iRatings and placed in the last split (based on license level).

Round two of the tournament will be the actual 300 mile races and will launch immediately following qualifying. Procedures for entering the race will be in a separate thread.

If you have any questions about qualifying.. Feel free to post them below.

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