Upgrade Fanatec Formula Rim with DualClutch
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I have the idea to add some Clutch pedals to my Fanatec Formula rim. Reason for this is that i only have break and throttle pedal, but most important, i want to be able to adjust the right bite point for my starts.

Already have needed Clutch pedals and Ascher Double clutch PCB. Next thing is finding the right module to attached this PCB (which controls all potentiometers)

I found needed module at Bodnar, but still looking for a cheaper solution, as I only need to connect one potentiometer to it. This module connects to the PC by USB.

Now i was wondering if I could connect this module USB output to the Steering Wheel connector that attaches to my wheel base (in my case a DD1)

I see on the connector pinout needed USB pins.


Attached to this topic the fanatec pinout and drawing of what i want to build

Wonder if this would be possible. Otherwise I need to run a USB cable form my wheel just for both clutch pedals

Pinout Fanatec.JPG

Dual Clutch.jpg

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