SOLD - Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3
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This is a fresh V3 sent me over on 5/2020 directly from the factory as a replacement for my old one.

It's the last version with the new reinforced arm to avoid the few failures that affected the older units.

Used exclusively with GT cars settings, no rollercoaster or rally and without seat belts or buttkicker/transducers.

Comes with power cords, user manual, buttkicker support and Sim-Lab brackets for 8020 mount on P1 and the like (the new wider one they made under my request).

I am reluctantly selling to partially recover for the cost of a D-box and I have to confirm what experts say that the seat mover has some advantages in term of speed and balance (COG) at the point D-box was giving me some sickness being much more floaty and less impactful like you would expect while driving on a hard tuned race car. The combination of both might be the ultimate solution, but being already at the edge using ACC in VR, I am not keen on using too many software at once. 

Buyer pays any transaction fee. Price is firm. 







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