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Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends

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So it looks like Test Drive Ferrari Legends is due to be released in a little over a week. However, this game seems to be VERY low key. There is verry little information on line for this game. Even Atari who are meant to be the distributors don't have it listed on their website. The game currently retails at $39.99 for PS3 / Xbox which is unusually cheap. I was hoping, and maybe i am wrong, that this was going to be the Ferrari racing game that Ferrari Challenge should have been several years ago, but i get an uneasy feeling about this game. Why is the game beneath the radar with no coverage or build-up? I haven't even seen it on insidesimracing. Can you guys shed any light on this? Thanks.

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it has been delayed until May. There will be more marketing closer to then.

It is the Ferrari game Blimey (now Slightly Mad Studios) was developing... they got Bigpen and Atari to publish it after a long delay. Delay was initially due to Blimey going bankrupt. Then they got the Need for Speed account and that seems like it delayed it further.

You probably saw this but ISR has an early copy and will post a video preview this week.

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Thanks for showing us the preview! Really can't wait for this! :lol:

How was the physics feel in the preview version? Are the f1 cars similar to f1 2011? Hehe (Is there DRS and KRS on the F150? 0_0)

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Trying to find a full track list, but I don't see a website for it. The wiki page doesn't list the tracks, and the SMS site doesn't even mention it.

If someone else finds it, please post.

Also, can't find a pc pre-order, only console. Hope it's still coming to pc.

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Got it from here ... track-list

Track List

■Circuit de Catalunya – Spain GP

■Circuit de Catalunya – Spain National

■Circuit de Spa Francorchamps GP (1980) – Belgium

■Circuit de Spa Francorchamps GP (2004) – Belgium

■Casino Riviera-Cote d’Azur – France

■Cote d’Azur Monte Grande – France

■Cote d’Azur Monument Loop – France

■Cote d’Azur Port Boucle – France

■Donington Park GP (2009) – United Kingdom

■Donington Park National (2009) – United Kingdom

■Enna Pergusa – Italy

■Fiorano – Italy

■Fiorano Alternate – Italy

■Hockenheimring – Germany GP

■Hockenheimring GP (1982) – Germany

■Hockenheimring National – Germany

■Hockenheimring Short – Germany

■Imola (1981) – Italy

■Imola (2005) – Italy

■Misty Loch – fictitious Circuit

■Monza GP (1958) – Italy

■Monza GP – Italy

■Monza Junior – Italy

■Motorsport Arena Oschersleben – Italy

■Motorsport Arena Oschersleben B – Course-Italy

■Mugello GP – Italy

■Mugello Short – Italy

■Nordschleife – Germany

■Nordschleife Aremberg – Germany

■Nordschleife, Karussell – Germany

■Nordschleife Nurburg – Germany

■Road America Circuit dummy

■Rouen (1956) – France

■Rouen Short (1952) – France

■Silverstone GP (1959) – United Kingdom

■Silverstone GP (1975) – United Kingdom

■Silverstone GP (2009) – United Kingdom

■Silverstone International (2009) – United Kingdom

■Silverstone National (2009) – United Kingdom

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Hmm, that list looks more interesting than Forza's.

No Brands Hatch though? Figured that would be there since the Shift games have it.

I noticed a fuel gauge, at varying levels during the video. Does that mean pit stops for fuel in longer races?

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Good Grief.

How many times has this title had a UK publish date since Inside Simracing featured it?

Three or four times. And how many times have I gone into town to see if it was in

stock at GAME and HMV. Every time!!, and now latest release date in the UK 6 June,

according to HMV the title's been cancelled.

I've been so up for this since Inside Sim Racing's preview. I've never felt this frustrated

over a video game before. What is going. Has it been released in the States yet?

Does anyone know what is going on at all? :roll:

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Had this game on pre order here in the uk via for release on 29th june 2012. Then a couple of days before release i get an email to say pre order has been cancelled due to not being able to receive supplies from publishers.

Since then no matter where i look or ask the uk version of this game has just disappeared with no new release date.

Gutted was looking forward to this game since it was featured here.

Oh forgot to mention i was looking for xbox 360 version as my pc rig is still in a state or rebuild.



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I have just finished the PS3 Version of TD:FRL. Here are my simple observations. Remember, this is being seen from the eyes of a big Ferrari Fan also!!!

The Test Drive title can be a bit confusing. But the game is definitely a Slightly Mad Studios production. It is purely Shift 2 with only Ferraris. Well, that can be good or bad depending on whether or not you are a Ferrari fan. Here in the states there are a lot of Ferrari Fans for sure and all over the world. But Ferrari can be polarizing. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny the racing heritage of Ferrari. That is where Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends comes in.

First, lets get it straight, this game utilizes a slightly modified version of the Shift 2 engine. This means you will feel that 'drifty' Shift 2 handling right from the start. I have read a lot of reviews from players stating that this game has worse physics than Shift 2. I definitely do not think that is true. The physics are a bit more stable for most of the cars. They drive like you would expect and arcade racer to drive for the most part. Again though, every car has that drifty feeling which can be a turnoff for a lot of racers. But once you get used to it, the game can be fun.

I am going to state this even though a lot of console race fans will frown at it.... I would much prefer to have most of the cars unlocked right off the bat. This is not the case in TD: FRL. I know, "part of the price is to play through the game and unlock the cars". But I am not real big into Racing RPGs. I just want to spend my $50 (or $60 in a lot of cases) to drive the cars on the tracks. But with that being said, rolling through the games 'story mode' was not too bad. Though it was a bit repetitive and tedious and can be frustrating at times. But there is a sense of satisfaction when you unlock that Ferrari car you have always wanted to drive. And this game is full of Ferrari goodness. Some of the older F1 cars are simply superb in there modeling and are very fun to race around in. Being a big F1 Ferrari fan, this is a huge deal to me. But, then there is the drifty nature of the physics which does take a bit away from the action. It just does not seem right. But again, once you are used to it, you can race like a pro and will be kicking ass online soon.

The amount of Ferrari cars is staggering in this game. A lot of the cars appear in several games out right now for consoles, but some are very welcomed departures from the norm. Some of the vintage Ferraris are a joy to drive and the F1 cars look and sound phenomenal. Again, if you are a big Ferrari fan, you should spend the money for this game (or at least wait for it to go down in price). All of the cars are finely modeled and look superb. I cannot say enough for the interiors and the normal mapping really adds to the realism.

I also saw some saying the sound was not very well done..... This is a bit confusing as the cars sound great! They have that classic Shift distortion and whine to them. I turn the sound way up and feel as though I am really in the cockpit. Your ears will ring if it is up loud enough. If your ears are not ringing after a race, you need a new sound system tongue.gif

Again, the progression of the game is ok, but it can be tedious and repetitive. There were times where I was thinking..... 25 minutes for this race? Shit, that sucks. But then there are times where qualifying takes one hot lap and it almost evens out :D There is a story to this and even a tragic accident (I will not spoil the rest of this story for those who have not played it yet). But it is mostly done in text before each race, so most players will simply ignore it. I admit that I did also most of the time :lol:

The tracks are a little bland, but they are racing tracks and that is how most of them really are. I would rather have them be fairly representative of their real-world counterparts than the atrocities that were in the shift games. Amusement park type rides in Shift were ridiculous. I am happy they stayed away from this and left out these "exciting additions". There are some lighting problems in the PS3 version and the shadowing is always about 100 or so yards ahead of the car and can be a bit strange to look at. Also, the popup on some of the tracks harkens back to the Sega Saturn! Spa (I do not remember which year version) is hideous in spots and you can simply see all the way through to the background image. Dreadful :o .

If you have a steering wheel, the game is worth the price of admission in my opinion. It makes the game better than average and is how the game should be played. Granted a lot of people do not have the money or the room for a wheel, so the gamepad works fine. But it is not the same feeling. It is so much more precise with a wheel in my opinion. Hitting your braking points can be tricky with the cars feeling like drift machines, but anticipating the turns is key in this game and with all Shift games.

I will also add that I am quite pleased with the feeling of the F1 cars. They are a bit harder to drive and terribly fast. It is a nice departure from the official F1 games from Codemasters as they are great too, but have a much different feel to them. TD:FRL has a much more "animated" feel to the driving model and the cars feel more alive. BUT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS A GOOD THING. It also makes for a more arcadey feel. Which in this case is ok with me. Sometimes I need to get away from playing sims. But still, I am happy to play a game in which the F1 cars feel a bit unsteady. If you are looking for a sim, you are in the wrong neighborhood junior!

Now, I forgot to mention another con with the game (AND THIS IS KIND OF A BIG ONE). Sometimes when riding the rumble strips, kerbs or whatever you may call them in your country of origin, your car will "catch" the edge of them stopping you in your tracks and flinging you through the air or spinning wildly sometimes damaging the car a lot. This is obviously not correct and the car does not behave correctly. It acts as if you have hit a concrete wall in some cases and is totally unrealistic. When it happens, you will know. ;) But once you know where these are, you can adjust your lines appropriately. Very strange indeed.

All in all, still a good experience for Ferrari fans.

IMPORTANT: If you hate Shift and Shift 2, don't bother with this game unless you are a big Ferrari fan. But before you blow this game off, try to rent it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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UK Distribution gone all wrong.

I learnt from sources in the industry that Atari had pulled out of the

UK distribution deal for TDFRL. Its possible that Bigben may step in

or 505 games are considering the distribution side. All I know is

that I'm furious for Atari setting so many release dates and after

seeing the BETA on inside sim racing as my hopes and excitment levels

were on overdrive. So after another date passed 27th july was when

my preorder was supposed to be fulfilled, GAME in the UK turn round

and say the release date is no longer firm and the status has returned

to TBA (to be announced). So other than the PC download I read about

stated as 31 August. I was under the impression that the rest of the

world has a copy of TDFRL. On Youtube there's an hour and half of

someone's gameplay in France so the xbox and ps3 versions must be

out there already.

Can anybody say if the console versions are out in North America and


When will TDFRL come out? Any later in the year and the world will

be considering Forza Horizon and F1 2012.

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I know I may start sounding like a broken record on the subject of TD:FRL, but I just had a 10 lap race at Misty Loch in the Challenge Stradale and had more fun on a console racer than I have had in a long time. Again, mostly because I am a HUGE Ferrari fanatic, but another part is something more.

Yes, the game has tons of problems (see my earlier posts or just about any review), but sometimes, when the stars align just right, the game can be as nerve bursting as a racing game can be (especially if you can find someone online, which is very rare). First, I use one of my smaller racing rigs that has the PS3 and the F430 FFB wheel attached for this game. During the race, I narrowly missed an accident in front of me early on that put me a bit closer to the front. Then, while battling for 4th, I made a small error in my racing line that changed my approach to the next turn in a big way and I hit the wall and broke my windshield. I only play in cockpit view, so it was very hard to see from then on. I had to fight my way back to the front with limited visibility and was able to do so. It was very rewarding crossing the finish line in first.

I know the game is bashed quite a bit, but I still think there is good racing to be had. Shit, I have now put more time into this game than I have with GT5 and any other console racer to date. How sad is that? :lol:

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