Ricmotech GT1 Pro Inverted Pedals - Anyone have them?
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Hey All - wanted to come to the experts in this department for some potential light to be shed on a strange issue occurring. 

I basically have most of what Ricmotech offers in my rig - the APX-1000 Chassis, Mini Mite DD wheel, GT1 Pro Slip and G Sense motion thru Simcommander as well, 2x earthquake shakers on 1x 300 ST amp from Earthquake and the "black label" PC from them as well. Aside from some issues on getting the motion set up, it's been FANTASTIC ..... 

However the pedals have been extremely inconsistent. Again, not sure if anyone is familiar with the sensor types on the Ricmotech pedals, but its DOT brake fluid in the brake so thats actually measuring fluid pressure. Then the clutch has an identical in appearance sensor but that is reading air pressure (from what I'm told) ----- the throttle is a simple pot. 

So just randomly over the past 18 months, the clutch has randomly just died twice ... meaning no input seen on the PC or pedal PCU while the brake and throttle are fine. Also, throttle pot just went totally nuts with it's readings and had to send that back and had them overnight a new one (which solved it) 

The strange issue is they are saying the throttle pot works fine for them? 

So I'm sending back the 2x clutch assembely/sensor units for repair (I guess??) as backups and waiting on my 3rd to arrive tomorrow. 

They are totally stumped and almost irritated it seems to be honest - if it keeps happening, I need a new similar quality and fluid brake pedal set (inverted) to move to. 

Any ideas why they would randomly just flake out here and supposedly work fine back at Ricmotech? They think maybe there is some interference from the surrounding Subwoofer, TV, Stereo recievers, speakers, Shakers PC etc - anyone here ever see anything like this occur ? Totally driving me nuts with the inconsistency and Ricmotech having no idea on a solution other than selling me more sensors and assemblies (for $292 BTW) 

Can this be virus/PC related?????? See pics ----- is there anything that would be interfering with signals?? Maybe I'm living on a magnetic zone ;) We had some weird issues with the Motion stuff linking and changing USBs, etc. I know PC's & hardware can be nutty from using Protools music software for 20 years, but ........

Thanks for any ideas in advance. I just needed to come here to get and idea of what the hell is going on and vent a bit.







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