Sam Maxwell Z1 F1 Wheel, Formula One PC Sim Racing Steering Wheel
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Hey fellow Sim Racers. Hudson Kerr here. I used to work for ISI, EA, and iRacing, so you can peg me and trust the sale more. I have a Sam Maxwell F1 wheel for sale that is barely used. I have it listed on eBay for $1500, but I will let it go for $1300 (cost me $1745). I am pasting the text from my eBay sale below.

You can message in here to ask questions or email me at [email protected] Thanks!


I bought this a few years ago for PC sim racing. It's pretty awesome with top quality buttons, switches and paddle shifters and a fully functional LCD display which runs custom software that takes and displays actual information from the game engine of many sims and displays them. Pretty incredible software, and customizable, that also maps out any track you run on for its track map after a few laps. See below for more info and the website and review link I have posted.

I used it about MAYBE 30 hours overall, getting busy with life. And I've not touched it in two years, being out of gaming entirely. It had some dust on it, but it's in perfect condition. I recently got a new F1 wheel which is twice as expensive as the Z1 F1 at retail, at $3500, and I hope to get back into things soon.

The Z1 F1 wheel has a universal quick release adapter that fits on high end force feedback wheels like the Accuforce. It costs $1745 (plus shipping), and is currently back ordered on Sam's site: I am letting mine go for $1500, suffering a $250 loss on it. It's in near mint shape, being barely used.

Here is a description from the website:

The SMZ1 F1 wheel is a state of the art current F1 tech inspired wheel for those drivers who want nothing less than the best.

Made from a 1/4" thick solid piece of carbon fiber with cast in place urethane rubber hand grips this wheel places the control center of an F1 car in your hands!

    10 buttons
    4 three way momentary toggles
    6 rotary style switches
    Dual clutch paddles
    Two shift paddles
    4.3" touch panel display
    15 shift/DRS lights
    6 secondary warning lights

The commercial duty shifters are from Precision Design Worx and are billet aluminum with magnetic snap action. The dual clutch paddles allow for controlled starts at the drop of the green. The combined 32 individual inputs let you control even the most elaborate racing cars.

If you want an F1 style wheel for your sim racing rig, then the SMZ1 F1 is the wheel for you!

The SMZ1 F1 Wheel is fully compatible with the Z1 Dashboard software. It comes with a license for the Z1 software as well as two years of updates.*

LED Features:

    15 LEDs shift light across the top
    The 15 shift lights can be programmed for any RPM
    Top LEDs can be set to include DRS lights
    Top LEDs can be set to flash when pit limiter is engaged or rev limiter is hit
    3 left and 3 right LEDs can be customized to indicate:
        DRS Available
        DRS Active
        DRS On
        Yellow Flag
        Blue Flag
        Pit Limiter
        Water Temp
        Oil Pressure
        Fuel Pressure
        Low Fuel
        Brake Lock Levels 1-3


Here is Sim Racing Garage's review of this wheel. It will really give you a sense of how excellent this is.

I will ship it to you immediately!





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