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TSF wishing you all a great race season!

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Well it has been a expensive week down in Daytona for the teams. Lots of laps turned, fuel burned and cars turned! Congrats to all our friends out there in race land that started the year off well. Ty's Daytona debut in the trucks was a great start for the championship chase....the same can be said for Austin in nationwide. Cool seeing the RCR #3 back on the track driven by someone that was so close and so idolized the man that made the number what it is today and with the family that birthed the stylized 3. Allgaier got to see what it was like on top of another car at 150+ mph...glad lil gator was okay as well as the others. All in all I think todays race will be a fun one as well and I am looking forward to hopefully watching it.

Pretty wild week thus far to kick off the race season...sure is fun to see the new season starting and its gonna be a fun year of sim racing. Amazing how far sim racing has come since its inception.

Lots of fun content and in so many genres of racing...Inside Sim Racing has grown leaps and bounds and lots of new work on the horizon from many great developers. Maybe 2012 will be a another break out year for innovation in the industry...after all my video card now is prolly 10 times more advanced than the one I used when we initially developed ASR and cost 1/6th of the price. That alone is reason to be excited. Affordable technology is opening up so many new doors for developers, modders as well as broadcasters and media groups. Pretty cool stuff and finally we are not as constrained by technology.

Sure hope this season brings good fortune to everyone on the race track and I hope everyone enjoys the ole 500. I am setting here at the hospital awaiting the birth of my second child...on the day of the 500 pretty cool and at the same time, I hope they are prepared to turn the channel when it starts...six hours of the food network merely makes me aware of all the great food they don't have at the hospital lounge.

Well I hope you all have a great day and good racing for those on the track today.

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