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FI WCP 2009

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Hi all-

Not sure of all the politics in the mod community, what is (or should be) available where, etc... But I recently came across this mod at the WCP Modding Group website, which I am not affiliated with. However I got their version 1.3 (1.4 is WIP), and it's so far blowing me away.

I know it's an "online" mod, therefore all the cars have the same physics, but boy are they fun to drive. And the sounds are amazing to my ears. Anyway, worth checking out if you have not. Wonder if this could make a Top Sim Cars segment? I'd be curious if this one is in general well received when everyone awaits some of the other popular mods going to 2009 F1 season, such as FSOne. It's tiding me over since the season ended, that's for sure.

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