FS: OSW Shaft Clamp and Q1R Bits (Eastern US)
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I am in the process of upgrading and have no need for my Q1R system. If needed, I can provide the 70mm PCD shaft clamp to mount it to your MiGE servos, or any DD with a 22mm shaft.

Alongside the wheelbase side Buchfink Q1R, I reverse-engineered the original Q1R to DIY my own wheel side Q1Rs. These are cut out from 5051 aluminum plate, 4.5mm thick. I will gladly include the files and bill of materials so you can make your own Q1Rs. You will need a small spacer between your wheel and the QR, as the screws are not flush. Spare pieces and hardware to mount wheelbase side QR to shaft clamp included.


Looking to sell as a whole, but open to selling individually. Will sell all Q1R bits for $120 including spares or the whole lot for $150. Prices are as follows:

Located in 21901, shipping not included.

22mm Shaft Clamp: $40


Buchfink Q1R Wheelbase side: $40


DIY Q1R Wheel side 70mm (x2): $30/each


DIY Q1R Wheel side 50.8mm: $30


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