Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals acting as 1st/2nd gear
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Hi all

I'm desperate add in getting nothing from Fanatec.


I have an old 911 Turbo Wheel running on a Turbo S wireless dongle.


The original pedals died, so I did my research and notify the supposedly compatible CSL Elite has/brake set with the RJ12 to PS2 cable to connect them to this is wheel base.


After multiple driver updates & changes, the best I can get is a working wheel but the pedals (in game and properties) act as a shift up/down (or in the h pattern in properties 1st & second gear) as buttons.  


The old pedals worked the axis shown under the wheel in the properties page.


I would REALLY appreciate any help.  Windows 10 x64, tried the 346 & 381 and original PWT drivers and all work in the same way.


Maybe the pedals are faulty? I don't know.  Open to any ideas, I'd like to try the clubsport USB cable but they're so expensive for no guarantee.


TIA Darren






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