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Here is the list of what has been fixed in patch 3 for Nascar The Game 2011.

The NASCAR The Game 2011 Patch 3

December 14th 2011

We’re pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing Patch #3 for NASCAR The Game 2011. The patch has already successfully passed full test with Activision and has now been submitted to platform holders Microsoft and Sony for their approval. Under normal circumstances the approval process takes 1-2 working weeks and as soon as we've been informed of the release date we will update everybody.

You can find complete lists of the Fixes and Improvements included in Patch 3 below. Most noticeable amongst these fixes are the Loose Glitch & Online Surging, as they’ve come to be known.


Xbox 360 - The car randomly loses rear end grip whilst playing online (Loose Glitch).

After a severe spin, the car lacks rear end grip and makes it feel very loose.

During online races, particularly on the Super speedways, player’s cars can surge backward and forward making it impossible to bump draft. (Online Surging)

Online - On the initial rolling start, the formation can be incorrectly spaced.

During an online caution when the ‘NASCAR Sprint Cup’ transition screen is displayed sometimes the player’s car can get damaged.

Caution lights can be inversed for Texas, Talladega and Watkins Glen i.e. yellow when there isn’t a Caution and green when there is a Caution.

Under Caution players cars drive through the Pace Car

Xbox 360 - Incompatible NAT (Network Address Translation) types will not be allowed in to the same lobbies. Players will be given a message informing them that there is a problem and detail their NAT type. This will stop the players being removed from the game when the lobby counter reaches zero. The PS3 handles this already.

Under certain conditions, super quick lap times are posted to the leaderboard.

Leaderboard times are not shown correctly in the Lobby.

The game sometimes freezes on the loading screen when launching an online game.

‘Players Still Racing’ message can sometimes be seen in the Lobby even though all players have finished racing.

PS3 Paint Booth freezes.

In a Lobby, when muting and un-muting players, the cursor can be out of sync with who gets muted.

When pitting during an online game, the windscreen tear off doesn’t work.

The car should not go in to reverse gear now unless it is stationary.

Xbox 360 - Race invitations stop working under certain conditions.

After leaving a lobby and then selecting ‘Quick Race’ the game can sometimes soft lock.

Veto track shows incorrect amount of players in the lobby.

Online – Sometimes players can be racing on a different track to others in the game due to a veto issue.

Online, cars sometimes don’t appear in the Proximity Radar.

Changing Race Pins stopped working with the 2011 Season Update Downloadable Content (DLC).

PS3 – Online, the game will not start until all paint scheme data has been transferred to all players. When the lobby counter reaches zero, the game informs the players this is happening using the lobby status message next to the lobby counter.


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Bunching up and brake checking, which can result in collisions between the A.I. cars, has been improved.

Lobby counter will no longer add time whenever a player joins the lobby.

When searching for an online game, the status text reads “Loading”. There are now three different states “Searching”, “Joining” and “Creating”.

Quick Race default race length setting changed from 2% to 5%.

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