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Simxperience Stage I Motion Seat For Sale

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I'm regrettably selling my Simxperience Stage I motion seat, which I purchased in November and has been used for a grand total of 15 minutes! It's obviously in like-new condition as it has simply been assembled and tested to make sure everything works (the build quality of this kit is superb). I'm sure this product needs no introduction, but you can find more info here (mine has the red actuator covers):

Why am I selling? I recently sold my Hyperstimulator cockpit as we have a baby on the way in January. I then came across this Simxperience kit up for sale (it was brand-new, unassembled, and in it's original packaging shipped from Simxperience) and I had a (very) impulsive moment and snapped it up, as I've been in awe of motion cockpit setups for a long time. To cut a long story short, our medical bills for the birth are going to be a lot higher than anticipated (c-section etc.) and I am feeling pressured into freeing up some funds, so this has to go.

How much? I am asking $1,500 (the new price for the unassembled Stage I kit is $2,000). I would prefer a local deal (Southern California - San Diego), but am open to disassembling and shipping for an additional fee (I still have the original packaging for the control box and actuators etc.). The Corbeau seat is not included. I'd really like to try and sell this before the baby arrives.

Please message me for more information!

Photos. Not really much to show here that isn't on the Simxperience website, but here are some images:

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