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Forza 4 - triple screen problems

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forza 4 seems to have some real bugs when it comes to triple screens

most annoying :

-custom livery and paint jobs not showing up on the side monitors

-in heat races (yes they finally work now but ..) the time does not change for the

side monitors in second run - this is very irritating because you drive in different daytime light ...

-in some cars you get strange "in-car"-view errors for example the 1984 ferrari GTO,

found errors for impezas and other cars too ...



- in GT Cars you can't see anything on the side screens because of the head / neck restraints


update 2 is already out and none of the triple screen problems are fixed :-(

maybe if you do a full review of forza 4 and speak about the triple screen feature you could mention that it is available but not perfect ...

this verdict could motivate Turn10 to fix at least some of those problems

apart from the mentioned above forza 4 is a very good sim now (with the 900° patch)

and I like it a lot. but sometimes i simply can not overlook those bugs :?

greetings to all of you triple screen racers out there struggling with the same problems here like me :lol:

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just downloaded the free 2011 rx8 from the december pack and guess what

there are clippings in left and right screen ... again

is there no thing like testing any more before selling ?

i am sorry but i refrain buying any more carpacks until those kind of problems are sorted out !

this makes me sad :(:(:(

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another annoying thing

when applying designs to your cars the game sometimes crashes into a loading / saving loop

but only if you are in triple screen mode.

so you have to quit the game, restart it and turn off triple screen mode to apply your design.

it is like the game makes fun of you because the new design will not show up in the side screens when playing in triple screen mode anyway....

come on turn 10 ... why add triplescreen when it's buggy as hell :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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new title update changes nothing concerning visual problems in triple screen ....

*sarcasm on*

Who would have thought it?

*sarcasm off*

Turn 10 I love forza dont'get me wrong

but I simply find no nice words for you guys for not fixing this issues !!!


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Thank you for bringing the triple screen issue to light. I am sorry to hear you have these issues after setting up an awesome rig for Forza 4. You are saving my friend a world of trouble and money. I am helping him assemble his triple screen rig he is making specifically for Forza 4, bu tthis changes things. This issue should gave been fixed by now. This is a surprising dissapointment from Turn10. To be fair, they probably don't even use 3 screens themselves, and I should say this probably be an issue that will not get fixed any time soon after all the updates and still no change. I personally am very happy with my 60" plasma using 3D to play Forza 4 in my sim drift cabinet. I think he will be doing the same as that was the original plan anyways. Please keep updating if you learn anything new. BTW have you even tried contacting Turn10 about this issue? You have proof all over here. I would think thats enough to state your case.

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sure i contaced turn 10 but i got now answer in any way ,just like I expected , we are just flies on microsofts elefant butt I guess :lol:

no changes so far concerning those visual problems !

don't get me wrong ! all errors you see here are limited to some cars.. the majority of cars work flawlessly and triple screen is so much better than a single screen..

but it is a shame that turn 10 gives a rats ass about people who want to play forza 4 at the high end level a triple screen setup can give you. it is just a feature that is not all that well programmed and will see no fixes at all, ever !

I guess that is a fact we have to accept and move on !

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I have enjoyed playing Forza 4 from day one (and the older Forza games), and like many others I have bought each and every add-on pack for the game, and although in general I really like the game, there are some little issues that annoy me.

When you consider the costs in buying all of the add-ons (my choice) I have been a little saddened to find each one contains little bugs, i.e car wing mirror images are incorrect, revesered, or flipped, or on the wrong side of the car. Theres also a fair few painting problems with textures and spelling mistakes etc :cry:

The thing is I have emailed Turn 10 on a professional level pointing out all of the problems I have found, and have never had any correspondence from them. One example was the Porsche pack, I paid out £10.28 for it as I really like Porsche cars (mid life as I'm 41), but nobody mentioned the fact that there are 5 cars that contain graphical errors. Now some people may think I'm just overlooking a great game, or even nitpicking little issuse like mirror reflections being incorrect. But when you go to race a car from the cockpit view and you glance right to look in the wing mirror to see if someone is trying to out break you.. and all you can see is the reflection from the left mirror, well it kind of ruins it for me.

I posted on another forum about the problems I have found and the general consensus is that it's an acceptable issue and having been involved with beta & alpha testing for sims and racing games for the last 14 years I sadly don't agree.

I will still pick up and play Forza 4, and will more than likely carry on buying into the game, but I do wonder if I should of just invested my money in either real life or something like iRacing ?

Well not meaning to hijack your thread and to come full circle to my point, my next plan was to buy 2 more xboxes and 2 more copies of the game and play on a triple screen set up, but having read your issues with the game I think I will stick to playing it on a single screen.

Don't all get me wrong, it's a lovely game, it could just be almost perfect if they just tweaked a few little issues :D

My Forza 4 investment -

Forza 4 Game = £39.99

Season Pass = £20.56

Vip Pass = £10.28

Top Gear = £4.80

Porsche Pack = £10.28 (400 point vip discount)

Total Cost = £85.91 (U.K) $134.26 (U.S.A)

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Thanks for your point of view !

I know all this little bugs you mentioned .

My opinion is: the game really is large , with all those cars and some errors can be overlooked

but quality assurance seems to be a foreign word there at Turn 10.

I mean i bring out a Porsche pack with how many ? 30 cars ?

nobody there encountered a single problem at testing stage before selling ?

sloppy job !

they should send us the game for beta testing an we do their work better and for free :lol:

i don't think it would be that much work to sort out some of the minor bugs.

but they are far from perfectionism which should be mandatory when claiming "it is so realistic"

sad, but brings us back down to earth : it' a game , and 90% of the gamers don't care !

end of story

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what's up with the porschepack ?

i don't do Forza DLC any more so i can't test porsche cars with triple screen

there has been no update , and there is no free car for the pack

hence :


if you right click and view image on the pic , you will get the whole picture .

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yes i know !

no free car no chance of seeing porsches in multiplayer ... well done turn 10 !

what is wrong with the triple screen picture.. center is a porsche (i guess) and on the sides you have the dummy car ?

btw if i may ask : did this work with the other dlc car packs, to download the free car on all 3 consoles and purchase it only on the center console ?

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As much as I want to like Turn 10, I just can't seem to do it. Fixing the mirror reflections is a simple job, yet your problems with the multi screen set up is really bad, how could they of tested that and thought "hmm thats ok" :?:

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This game is a joke so far for triple screens. I have been trying to get it to work for 3 days and now I have found the problems that no one at microsoft seems to know about. I just got off the phone on a 106 minute call and the solution is keep returning the one game I now have that does not work until I get one that does.

There are different burns of the same version of the game being sold. Some require an update and some do not. The ones that require an update to play will not talk to the ones that do not no matter what you try. I have bought 5 games so far. I even bought two games right off the shelf at best buy tonight and got two different burns.

I did figure out a basic way to identify them that so far that has been accurate for five games. Unfortunatly I have not ended up with 3 discs that match at the same time yet. I had the guy open the two new games at the store and of course they were different. I said it was not going to work, but he was not going to return one right after I bought it and he opening it, so I had to take it home and see what I already knew was going to happen.

If you look at the bottom of the disc around the center hole, you will see "MADE IN PUERTO RICO". It is hard to read because it is in the material of the disc. You have to get the light anged right. The ones that say this seam to be the newest version. When you install them, they work with no update download required. They work online as well.

The ones that do not have 'MADE IN PUERTO RICO" Burned into the inner ring do require a title update immediatly to play them. I bought used games and new games and these different versions are mixed in both.

Is it possible two different factories are churning out different versions!!! Or, are they just mixed because a transition is occuring??? Who knows, I will spend tommorow night going from Best Buy to Best Buy returning games until I find a 3rd that matches. With any luck it will be the first try. The good thing is tha it is a brand new game and I can just say it is defective. It has bad coding burned on it and incompatible. That makes it defective and the guy at Microsoft agreed. I may just try to make them open every copy until we find a good one, but I doubt they are going to do that.

Now what I have to do is return the one game (that requires an update to play) to best buy as defective and pray the next one says "MADE IN PUERTO RICO" on the inside ring. I basically have to keep doing this until I can find another disc that is the same. REDICULOUS! Even 106 minutes on the phone with Microsoft and this is the conclusion they came to.

The bad thing is that I cannot even recommend avoiding this by buying brand new games because I did this and got two different versions right off of Best Buys shelves!

Needless to say this has me very aggravated. I thought there was only an issue with games that actually were different version (Ultimate Edition etc.), but it can happen even buying the exact same SKU and part number.

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hey, im having really big problems with mine, i  cant get all 3 tvs to sync up. i have 3 live accounts 3 disks 3 xboxes but i can only get 2 of the xboxes to sync. if u have any ideas please msg back i just bought 2 tvs and i cant even use them.... if you wanna talk my gt is mxsteele017


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