FS: Complete ButtKicker setup with amplifier and extras [CT-USA]
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price negotiable; gauging interest for now.

Prices are listed new without the shipping I paid and total would be $980. Like I said, it's been used less than 2hrs so reasonable offers please.

Hi, guys. I decided bass-shaker setup is not for me personally. I've used it less than 2 hours so everything is mint condition.

* 4x ButtKicker Mini LFE with ~10ft speaker wire pre-attached ($100 each x 4 = $400)
* Emotiva BasX A-500 Five Channel Power Amplifier (recommended by SimXperience, developers of SimVibe, this is what they personally use in their rigs) ($500)
* 2x Monoprice stereo RCA cable
* 4x Sim-Lab aluminum profile mounting plates ($20 x 4 = $80)

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