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[Race07] Simracingpro Touring Car Revolution

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The Touring Car Revolution is a full physics mod in order to obtain the ultimate simulator racing experience by improving the cars physics and is based on the original Simbin Race07 series.

Twenty unique touring cars all set to their real life performance parameters like body drag (Cd), engine horse power, torque and rpm values. Weight and inertia settings providing realistic weight transfer and a updated suspension model to handle all the action. Due to this variety all cars will behave unique on different tracks.

Updating the physics model resulted in WTCC cars now capable of contact during the race. Both FWD's and RWD's can race side by side on track without the risk of being launched of track after minor contact. Imagine the close and exiting racing this will provide.

The Touring Car Revolution is a community mod and the result of a year of intensive cooperation between simracing enthusiast's and especially developed for league racing.

Drop by and race with us in on of our Touring Car Leagues.

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