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Hey guys. rF2 looks out of this world! Ive done alot of modding with rF1 And your idea you had(making it modd friendly) was a stroke of genius. My question is: in the original rfactor, there were only, i believe 17 detachable parts for damage. If the damage model will stay the same, can there at least be more detachable parts to come off? I remember i made a video where i Cut an F1 car into many parts. (front wing, left/right, Nosecone, wheels,x4 susp,x4, rear wing, sidebods L/R, and engine/tranny.) I made a video where i slammed the car into a wall and all the parts came off, similar to indycar racing 2 or Grand Prix 2/3/4. it didnt look "THAT" realistic, because of the bounce, and transparency, but... unfortunately .. lol it was hte best damage model for a racing sim.

So if possible, can you please include a "user defined" amount of parts that a modder can work with making parts than can come off.. I would spent laterally "DAYS" Fine tuning my model so when i crash or roll over, the car will shead so many parts it will look jaw dropping... Imagine a violent impact with a Open wheel car, and having nothing but the tub left, and ALL the parts i made detachable be spread all over the place.. I know alot of parts might be tough on replays, but i believe options for having hundreds of parts, after a collision,and they are scattered they could change to lower quality items to preserve frame rates.

I know this might play a negative role in frame rate.... So to get around this. have whats called a "replay render-er" for either a pretictiluar scene where you can either watch the replay normally. or have the replay video exported into a special rfactor player. or an avi. The reason for this is because you can have a special replay version where the detail is 10fold, Guardrails deform, more people and pitcrew, the wheels actually turn and are not replaced with a moving image of a wheel spinning, have the throttle linkage and butterfly (intake flaps) open and close, You can cram pack more people everywhere and have them doing alot more stuff going on in the screen, The tracks/cars/ objects are all replaced with a super high poly count. and a super high texture map. ( you can see blades of grass, stones in the track, links in the fence, leaves, branches in the trees, better particles (fire, smoke, dust) The replay might take say.. 1 frame a second to render, but once done.. it will look like dam near a movie quality.. This would be beneficial for people who dont have top of the line videos but still want to make high quality videos for youtube. And it will allow having all my parts that i made to detach...explode all over the place.

So you have one version that you drive on, and another version for "special High Fidelity replays", along side to normal replays. Even if all the detail isnt shipped with the release, i think if the option is there for the detachable parts, and high quality replay. The community will Eat that right up and it will be a very very strong selling point. People who might not even race will model their extremely high poly/texture car (im not sure of the process for building a car thats high quality then converting it to a low poly for the sim), But they could spend weeks, if not a month on a Fully detailed, High poly/texture/ detachable parts car just to watch it in a replay. And spend that much time happily putting that much into it because all weve ever worked on were static models. I know im starting to sound repetitive but its 4 am and i want to make sure i give you guys an exact description on what a major selling point for your sim could be.. You start with your normal quality cars tracks.. sim.. everything.. But for a special replay mode, make it so its such a high quality car/ detail/track/ textures, dirt, grass, people. tree's, leaves, (particle, smoke exhaust, brake dust, ground dust, water)..... Its such high quality that the replay have to dam near "RENDER". then exported to avi/divx/mov/wmv/youtube... Or its put back into Rf2 where your replay can be edited or tweaked... or hell.. in offline mode only of course, say you are making a movie, and you got a corner perfect slide, but then the next corner you stuff it in the wall. It would be great for the replay editor (HQ one) to be able to go can kind of pick up where you want to.. I dont mean something silly like.... oh what the hell was the game.. where you coud rewind part of a race... No this is offline, and to capture and edit a movie. Even if this isnt Fully shipped with all the high quality content.. at least one track should have it as a showcase for what the community can do! I know for a fact that, thoes 2 features ( render able replay, and more than 50+ detachable parts.) the modding community would go APE SHIT!!! And its an ENORMOUS SELLING FEATURE!!!

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