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G29/G920 Center Cap

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Hello community,

I'm looking to customize a G29 for a friend. I bought it as a gift for them, so neither one of has it, yet.

I'm making custom or going to purchase custom stickers for him to place in the very middle, so I am trying to figure out the width of the center cap logo. I am referring to this:


r/simracing - G29/G920 Center Cap

Width of the red circled area?

I've googled search this all sorts of ways and I can only find a few people claiming it is 40mm or 4cm wide. Someone customized the center with a Alfa Romeo badge and they are the ones who claim its 40mm.

This seems too small though. I've traced out a 4cm circle on paper and it looks way too tiny. For reference, I've looked at any youtube video where the youtuber might have their fingers near the center, and unless their hands are really tiny, the center logo comes off bigger than 4cm.

Can anyone who owns a G29 or G920 please measure the width of the center logo cap and tell me?

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