SOLD: Fanatec Mclaren GT3 Wheel with QR $375
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Selling my Mclaren GT3 wheel. I haven't been able to use it nearly as much as I wanted to, and can't really afford to keep it at this point. It has the QR upgrade and the little screw thing, but I don't have the original box.

Asking for $375 + shipping. Also open to trades.


EDIT: I originally made this post before the V2 was announced. I have since sold the wheel. Thanks for your interest!







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I'm confused as this same configuration is in my cart, brand new, for $299. Is there something I'm missing as to why this is 25% more than a brand new upgraded v2 of this exact same wheel? I completely understand that it isn't available 'right now', but am still trying to understand what the extra cost is for. I'm definitely interested, but not at a price point that is over 100% of the list price of the newer model, which would also include warranty and appropriate boxes. 

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