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Some thoughts on "unlimited detail"

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My thoughts about unlimited detail 

For thoes of you who don't know who/what Euclideon is, it's this company out of Australia called "Euclideon"-claiming to have invented a breakthrough in computer graphics in video games. They claim to have invented a new way to represent images on the screen. Instead of using polygons, the company says it can model objects the way the real world does.. Out of "atoms". 

Now where I'm a little skeptical is, 

It sounds impossible because if a computer can only process say 100,000 polygons a second, how can it process millions upon billions of atoms even faster? The company is claiming that there is no limit, it can handle unlimited amount. Well it says it uses an algorithm similar to a search engine like google. The atoms are in a point cloud system. Like when you type something into google, it can process and search billions and billions of pages and find ones you want in less than 0.001 seconds. Well it uses something like that to process billions of atoms and place them on your screen in a way that makes the desired shape,( tree, car, rocks, dirt, sand..ect). So the end result is a system that is over 100,000 times faster than the current best selling and best looking game. (call of duty, battlefield, crysis.. Ect). 

On paper this does make sence, but on paper sending hydrogen molocules around a 15 mile tube at the speed of light, then smashing them together to create conditions similar to milliseconds after the big bang.... On paper both systems are possible lol. 

the video in the link is so impressive it's almost too good to be true. What they are claiming, I'm the computer world is as dramatic as announcing a cure for aids, cancer and all sickness. But claims as dramatic as being able to have "unlimited detail"... The old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" comes to mind when I hear this invention/ discovery. I am a little skeptic and I haven't gotten my hopes up too much until its actually released. I think they are trying to get funding. 

I can imagine on the day of the release, the founder/CEO gets into a "fatal car accident" and the project is put away out of honor for the inventor... Or some kind of public mishap where the technogy is hacked and all is lost. Or something similar.. I hope it's true, because if it is.. That's the company to invest stock in. I emailed the company on Monday and told them I thought it was a great step foreword, wonderful possibilities, and asked if they take donations or if there were investment openings.. But sadly, (I had a feeling), they haven't responded after 2 emails. There have been scams, or false claims like this in the past... "Racing Legends" comes to mind immediately. 

Let's hope it's true, because if it is, sim racing is about to get a whole lot more interesting.


 The video link is linked below

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Some interesting claims made by them. I model with Lightwave and a high polygon count is what makes detail. As the mentioned there are ways of cheating, background is low poly or sprites and so on. I am not at a high level and do stuff like spaceships, transformers and such. If their claims are true this could revolutionize gaming for sure. I have not heard of them before but only time will tell. Thanks for the post Kris.

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