SOLD F1 Simulator in Mercedes livery UK
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F1 Simulator in Mercedes livery  £2500

Unique F1 simulator, formed from a real Toyota F1 shell. Very well made from fibreglass producing an absolutely solid  construction, not flimsy like some commercial products made to a price. Exceptionally well finished (see photo's)

The Fanatec steering wheel has a quick release to aid easy access and the pedals are electrically adjustable to suit leg length

Includes :-
Fanatec Clubsport  wheelbase
Fanatec Clubsport Formula steering wheel
Fanatec pedals (with Fanatec Load Cell on Brake
ButtKicker vibration transducer (built-in) powered by ButtKicker BKA-130-C amplifier
Sony PlayStation 3 console
Built-in speakers
32" LED TV/monitor with HDMI input
multiple cooling fans with fan control panel
Protective cover

This is untested but was bought as fully working. I don't have any knowledge of Sony PS3 consoles but this wasn't a problem as I intended to connect the simulator to a PC. It's only for sale now as I no longer have the space to set it up

The photo's were taken with the simulator sitting on a platform with casters to enable the simulator to be moved easily. This is inluded in the sale but can be removed if required once the simulator is sited

Dimensions: 57"/145cms wide x 96"/244cms lon25

Currently in storage in mid-Wales. Collection only (would recommend a Luton van with a tail lift as this makes it very easy to load and unload)

A 2705.jpg

B 2657.jpg

C 2630.jpg

D 2551.jpg

E 2530.jpg

F 1918.jpg

G 1723.jpg

H 1713.jpg

I 2932.jpg

J 3016.jpg

K 2939.jpg

L 2230.jpg

M 2447.jpg

N 2421.jpg

O 2225.jpg

P 1428.jpg

Q 4259.jpg

R 4930.jpg

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