GT5 Premium Mini Cooper S '07 Grand Valley East
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Hi, I decided to start a new challenge involving a bone stock, Premium Mini Cooper S '07 in addition to an oil change taking place at Grand Valley East in Arcade Mode. Time Achieved: 1:21.636



- Oil change/ Car Wash permitted

- Comfort Soft tires, Power 175 HP Weight 1210 kg Stock Premium Mini Cooper S '07

- No Tuning allowed requiring brake balance set at 5/5

- No aids allowed/ everything set to off including ABS: Track set on Real Grip Reduction

- Mechanical Damage set to None 

- Time Trial mode in Arcade Menu


** Add the Mini Cooper in GT Life mode by adding to favorites where it's located in the my garage tab when in arcade mode.


Have fun and please don't cheat meaning if the timer is white the lap is good; red is invalid. I would appreciate a picture of the lap time by means of a camera or w/e other device possible.


Here is a link to the stats of the car used and my lap time..


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