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Ready to start, but with probably slightly different goals than most

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This is my first post here.  As it indicates in the subject, I've got my rig almost completed, and am looking for a bit of advice on how to proceed toward my goals with it.  My set-up is fairly high-end: Fanatec Podium DD1 wheel base, Podium hub, Podium advanced paddle module, RS300 wheel, Clubsport V3 pdeals with the performance kit, a GTR GTA Pro Cockpit (a nice unit overall, except for the pedal platform, to which I've had to do a lot of work to reinforce it because it's very flimsy), and triple MSI Optics G27C2 27" curved monitors, a Buttkicker tranducer, all driven by a gaming-level high end PC.  This may seem like overkill for someone just getting started in the hobby, but that gets me to my goal.  While SIM racing looks like a lot of fun, it isn't my immediate goal.  I've been tracking my race-prepped Porsche 968 (thus my screen name) for many years, and am ready to make the jump into wheel-to-wheel racing, but I never want to own, maintain, store, and transport my own race car, so I'm planning to sign up for the arrive-and-drive race series put on by Primal Racing at Atlanta Motorsports Park.  The series involves putting the drivers into identically prepared Radical SR-1's, which makes it a pure test of driving skill.  I have to take a 3-day class, which I plan to do in March, and then the series starts in April.

So, with that background, my immediate goal, for the next 4-5 months, is to use my SIM rig to get as proficient at virtually driving a Radical SR-1 (or a car as similar to it as possible) at AMP, which is a track I've never physically driven on before, as possible.  This is why I went with the set-up I did - I want to produce as realistic an experience as possible, so the track will feel as familiar as possible when I head out there in March.  I plan to use any data analysis tools available to improve my virtual lap times, and will almost surely hire the services of a coach as well.  And then of course once I start the race series, I will use my SIM rig to practice and hone my skills.

Which finally gets me to the actual purpose of my post.  Primal Racing told me that Atlanta Motorsports Park is currently only available on rFactor2, and from the bit of searching I've done, rFactor2 is not as simple or intuitive to set up as iRacing, although that may be old information.  Is this still true?  So, since I'm a complete novice at this (and am from a genration that didn't grow up with video games, which creates a bit of an intimidation factor), I'm looking for the experts on this forum to offer me a little guidance.  Is there a video that does a particularly good job of explaining how to set everything up in rFactor2?  Any advice as to pitfalls to avoid, things I should put off until I get my feet wet a little (there is an overwhelimg amount of information to absord), or any other words of wisdom?  Any insights on how be best utilize my Fanatec-based ecosystem in rFactor2?  Thanks in advance.

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