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Thrustmaster T300rs parts for anyone who needs them. I would prefer to sell everything together. 

A few years ago I was experiencing motor problems and I tried fixing it, but then the project got pushed to the side. I went as far as opening the motor casing, and was unable to find a replacement motor at the time.  I thought about pulling a motor from a TX base I have and put the T300 back together (or merging the electronics somehow) but I have moved on from that idea. 

I'm hoping this can help rescue someone's base that may need the power supply, original power cord, belts - etc. 

Asking $40

- Plus $5 - $20 shipping depending on location. I don't have an official weight yet but from the specs online I think the base is 11 lbs. 

US only. (Sorry)




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Its worth a try but can you sell me that power cable? I recently got a used servo base and it had no power cable so now i couldn't try my first wheel :( also will that t300 power cable work with a tx servo base?

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