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Hello all,

I am thinking about trading this wheel with or without the HRS Xero Play quick disconnect. Currently looking for Simcube 2 Pro (I'll add some cash if needed), Cube Controls Formula Pro, hydraulic pedals (I'll add cash), or anything else you may have.


I have a new rig on it's way, do not need a chassis nor a PC. My old chassis and PC may be posted here soon, it's a SimeTik K2 with a Triple monitor stand in 80/20.


I bought this wheel on RaceDepartment 6-8 months ago and love it, well taken care of. I use the Z1 Dashboard software, you could use SimHub if you wanted to. The only reason I am looking to part ways is the grips are a bit too thick for my hands with gloves on and the buttons are a bit far away for my thumbs. 




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