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GT5 NASCAR Championship, With Exclusive Prize Draw

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Apex Racing League's NASCAR 2011 Championship Season 1

NASCAR - PS3 Season 1

Gentleman start your engine!

November will see the start of the first ever PS3 ARL NASCAR world championship, this 10 round series will pitch the best drivers in ARL in some of the closest and most entertaining racing ever seen on ARL.

If you like fun, clean and challenging racing online the ARL is the only place to be. There are monthly official championships, with seasonal promotions and relegations, that cover 10 rounds over 6 months

Season 1 will be starting very soon. Please register your interest by posting here

One of the moderator team will then contact you and be your initial point of contact whilst you settle into the ARL life and get up and running.

Getting Started

Once you've signed up you'll be placed in a league based on your ARL F1 rank & preferred race day. If you are a new ARL Member you will be placed in the bottom tier, where you can begin to work your way up through the ARL ranks to become Champion.

Note: Tuning & Set-ups are all Banned in this league

We'd also like to know your PSN, Nationality and preferred race day (Wed or Sat).

example signup details:




The Basics

The official championships run at 2x 25 Min races on Racing Soft Tyres. Each league will race 2 round per month. Other casual championships are available to help fill the gaps between races. They can be found in the Other Championships Forum

Clean racing is key here. Accidents do happen, but causing deliberate actions will invoke a penalty, which could lead to removal from the league.

For more information on the league rules, visit the Rules and Regulation Thread

Assists & Race Regulation

Active Steering: Banned

Active Braking: Banned

ASM: Banned

ABS: Allowed

TC: Allowed

Driving Line: Allowed

Tuning: Banned

Damage: Weak

Slip Stream: weak

Tyre Wear: On

Tyres: Racing Hard

Fuel Load Simulation: On

Penalties: Reduced

Car Setups: Banned


For every race you compete in, you will receive 1 token, to win one of our prizes. The more races you do the more chance you have to win.

These prizes are exclusive to GT5 competitors and open to all members.

1st Prize


* Please note, some shipping charges may apply if you live outside of Europe*

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Current Sign-up list

1. AC_Simps - British - Both

2. Living2die3 - British - Both

3. owentq128 - British - Both

4. lemonfreshsmurf - British - Wed

5. F1Yorkshire - British - ??

6. blake300892 - British - Both - Wed preference

7. MOD-96 - British - ??

8. aaronmullan789 - British - Wednesday

9. ProjectCodyz - American - Pref Sat but can do Wed

10. superstevespain - Scottish - Wednesday's

11. joshualuke1993 - English - Prefer wednesday's

12. VTi-DOHC - Irish - Wednesday's

13. Commandcentre - American - Both

14. BenG1996 - British - Both

15. Craigieboy007 - British - Both

16. bruntz80 - American - Saturday

17. alf_thepeach - British - Both Prefer Wednesday

18. GR00F- - English - Wednesday

19. AzzKiKr1979 - British - Wednesday

20. Rory_b3 - British - Saturdays

21. EARWIG_R_US - ULSTER(Northen Ireland) - Saturdays

22. Braeden96 - American - Saturdays

23. Verion (KnightsOfSteel)- American - Saturdays

24. MastaVonBlasta - Polish - Wednesday

25. AJ_Simps - English - Wednesday's

26. Sean_Formula1_ (FernandoAlonso2) - Ulster(Northern Ireland) - Saturday

27. Woody2goody - British - ???

28. Robertsson (IPeZ-mRx) - Swedish - Wed

29. G8Lawman - American - Saturday

30. FoxHound31 - American - Both

31. dale_swfc - British - Wednesday

32. tKo_WiizaRd - British - ??

33. AndoGP - British - Wednesday

34. utaka (websterboi83) - British - Both NASCAR

14 places remain, sign-up now

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