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The Showdown at Silverstone - Special Event - December 5/6th

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Even if you guys aren't actively in iRacing maybe you could consider this event, it should be a blast! You could buy a one month membership, the car and track, and still race. No license level required!

Hello there,

I, among some other fellow friends, will be hosting a special event using iRacing's new hosted racing server service. We are currently in the process of building the website which should have the signup sections in place.

We will likely start with 3 heat races spread out throughout the day on Saturday. If need dictates, we will add a 4th heat race. The way this will work is pretty simple.

If 3 heat races, the top 7 drivers go directly to the A-Main event on Sunday. The next 7 finishers will be placed into the B-Main event, and the back finishers of each heat race into the C-Main event.

Each main event will use the 'bump-up system'. As I know you can count, 7*3=21. All the heat races will have a max field of 25 drivers. This allows for a few admins, and the broadcast crew (yes, all the races will be broadcast live over the interwebs) in the server without too much warp or latency issues.

Back to the bump-up system, using the scenario of 3 heat races, the top 4 from each lower main event will bump into the next highest main event. So if you win the C-Main, you will be bumped into the B-Main. If you finish in the top 4 in the B-Main, you can now move to the A-Main.

This system does a couple of things, it #1 ensures everyone who signs up gets at least 2 races, 1 heat race and 1 main event. #2 if you are a badass, and we all know you are, but just had some bad luck in your heat race this gives you a second chance to show your stuff big boy!

So far, I have gotten some door prizes already, but I plan to push to get many more. I had to get the website started and the flier done, as it is always easier to get giveaways from companies if you show them this is a real thing ;) So 'hopefully' we will have plenty of goodies to give away. Those will be done by putting all the entrants name into a hat (yes, it is a huge hat) and drawing names.

We will have live stewards watching all the racing. All of the iRacing sporting code will be in affect but on top of that, if we see any driving we deem to be overly aggressive that results in others being put out of the race, you could lose your chance to race Sunday and/or in future events.

The entry fee will cover the server costs, the live stewards, for this first event small costs like domain registration (got the hosting for free yipeee!) etc. The rest will go back to you guys. How far down we pay into the A-Main depends on the # of entrants.

The heat races will be roughly 30-35 min in length. The lower mains will be roughly 45 minutes in length, and the A-Main about an hour and 20, to an hour and 30 minutes long.

Also a huge plus, Shaun Cole and Darin Gangi will be on board to do most if not all of the announcing, and will also give the event some air time on InsideSimRacing so don't miss your chance to be a hero ;)

I hope everyone will sign up and come out and have a great time. We will try and get the website up and running very soon and it will have the time slots posted for the heat races. The A-main event will likely start at 2PM Eastern Standard time, with the lower mains running before that.

Hope to see everyone there! I will update you with more info soon, and try and get the site up and running ASAP. But put this on your calendar now, don't miss out!

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