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D.I.Y wheel mod! clutch pedal and hand brake for Forza 4

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Ok, so I had this idea of modding my madcatz2 racing wheel for Forza 4 for a while. I finally soldered in 3 wires to the bored. 1 for the B button, 1 for whatever button corresponds to the clutch on the wheel, and 1 for the ground which I have splitting off to go to the 2 new buttons. I will have them outside of the controller and they will be connected to the wheel with mono headphone jacks for each button. Now that I have all that soldered and mounted into the wheel I'm trying to figure out how exactly to do the pedal and hand break! (It all still works the default way with the mods)

So, my question is, should I use a Pot (potentiometer) or a simple push "on" let "off" switch?

The buttons that are originally on the controller are the later BUT in some games the harder you push the button the harder the game will throw the ball or whatever. So, what I am thinking is that if I use a Pot for the pedal and break maybe the game will be able to use it rather than just simple on and off. Plus, the game recognizes higher end wheels that have clutch pedals but does that mean that this will work for my mod?

Any help would be great! I would rather not do this through trial and error.

Thanks ahead of time!


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