Fanatec CSR Malfunctions. Please Help!!!

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Hey Everyone,

I've been using a Fanatec CSR with really great results for a while, but a few odd things have been happening lately. The inputs into the wheel and pedals don't appear to be happening on screen. I first noticed an issue with F1 2019 when the car would always understeer to an incredible degree. Every corner, no matter the team, car, or track being used. To prove that it isn't just driver error, I brake early and heavy, max out the wheel rotation, and the car isn't even close to making the corner. In Project Cars 2, other oddities were happening like brake pressure not translating correctly. Cars braking way more than I was putting into the pedals. I updated the firmware and rebooted all equipment. That seemed to help a few things, however, now I am getting extremely sensitive steering, to the point that, when watching the wheel on the screen, it will show a complete turn of the wheel when I only turn my physical wheel a quarter turn. I checked the FFB settings in the options menu, and everything was still set to their normal settings.

After updating the firmware, I'm at a complete loss. Has anyone ever had issues with the physical inputs into the controls not matching what occurs on screen? I've attached a short clip to show you what I mean.

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