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D.U.I Drift Series

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D.U.I Drift Series is sponsored by Tactical Game Servers!!!

TGS has agreed to make things interesting. The top three drivers with the most points at the end of the series (7 events total) will win more than just bragging rights. The prizes are as follows:

1st: $30 Tactical Game Servers credit

2nd: $20 Tactical Game Servers credit

3rd: $10 Tactical Game Servers credit

As well as at each event:

1st: $5 Tactical Game Servers credit

2nd: $2.50 Tactical Game Servers credit

$112.50 in prize earnings!

To claim your prize you must get in contact with myself or LazLoW. 7 days after the event the prize will expire.

Tactical Game Servers credit is in US Dollars and is non-exchangeable for legal tender. The prize credits must be used on the TGS website.

Code Of Conduct

1. Driver Naming

(A) All drivers shall format their name by the following standard: (000 J.Doe) with the number in white, followed by a space between your number and name, finally a period between your first initial and last name. You may color your name in any color but it must be a solid color.

(B) Your number plate shall contain either your car number, your team tag, your name (nickname) or a shortened version of your team name. A blank number plate will also be allowed.

2. Skins

(A) Your skin must be to regulations and have the predetermined number plate clearly visible on both of your doors.

(B) There is a template skin you are free to edit as long as it doesn't conflict with the previous rule.

3. Personal Conduct

(A) All drivers are expected to race in a safe and considerate manner. Any competitor who drives in a dangerous or overly aggressive manner without showing due regard for fellow competitors may be penalized or removed from the event, or the series, depending on the severity of the incident.

(B) Drivers are prohibited from using applications, tools, or hacks that modify the natural performance of the vehicle, including memory hacks or VOB tweaks. Player hacks are prohibited as well.

© Chatting will be disallowed during all sessions unless prompted to do so.

4. Judging

(A) There will be a 0-100 point scale on four major aspects; Speed, Line, Angle and Impression.

(B) There will be 3 judges at every event.

© All drivers start with 100 points and receive deductions through the run if they fail to meet the strict guidelines outlined by the judges during the drivers' meeting. Each of three (3) judges gives a score out of 100 possible points, and the three scores are averaged for each lap.

The highest score for each driver is the one that is counted. Spins, major under-steer or push, or having four (4) tires off-course at any point during the pass results in an automatic zero (0) score.

Speed is a combination of the entry speed on the first corner as well as the amount of speed the driver is able to carry through the entire course. Drivers are encouraged to drive as fast as they can through the entire course, not just the entry point. Maximum points are awarded for fast entries and consistent speed through the entire course.

Line is the ideal path a vehicle must take on course and is marked by Inner Clipping Points, Outer Clipping Points, and Transition Zones. Inner Clipping Point are reference points on the course where the vehicle’s front bumper should come as close as possible to the reference point. Outer Clipping Points are also reference points and scored by determining how close the corner of the vehicle’s rear bumper comes to the point. Transition Zones are areas on track where the direction of the line changes and vehicles must change the direction of their drift. Scoring will be based on the execution of the transition. The drift line will be given during the drivers’ meeting.

Angle measures the amount of counter-steer and relative rear slip angle a driver uses through the course.

Overall Impression is the general feel of the pass and how well the other three criteria were executed through the entirety of the lap. This is the most subjective criteria and judges will look for the most “excitement” that the driver can bring.

5. Race Procedure

(A) Qualifying will be held first, each driver will have 2 solo runs to qualify.

(B) The top 32 drivers in qualifying will then be paired to begin tandem knock out style drifting.

© Each round of tandem both drivers will be given the chance to lead and follow. In competition, drivers are given two (2) consecutive judged laps to qualify, with their top score counting towards placement into a field of 32. Only the top 32 drivers are allowed to continue into the tandem tournament rounds, with draws in scoring broken by entry speed.

6. Tandem Elimination Rounds

Tandem rounds are based on two (2) runs, in Head-to-Head format, with competitors paired up based on their leader board position. The higher qualifier will lead the first run and the second led by the lower qualifier.

The critical success factors are driver consistency and for the lead car to be able to run the course without error while being pressured by the following car. The following car is to try and “out drive” the lead car. The lead car must be able to clear the course without making any errors due to distraction or pressure by the following car. The following car needs to run the same basic line as the lead car but may also take a higher line in order to pressure the lead driver. Taking a lower line than the lead car will result in a loss of advantage. If the lead car is off line, the following car will gain advantage points by staying on the correct line. The following car should keep as close to the lead car as possible to gain the advantage.

Passing is not encouraged during tandem battles. Passing is only allowed if the lead car fumbles, is well off line or loses drift. Passing must be executed in a safe and professional manner. A safe pass is one that is done in such a way that the car being passed does not lose any speed after the pass is complete. Passing must be done without the interrupting the line of the car being passed, and driving the proper line yourself. If a pass results in contact, the passing car may be penalized.

In the event that collisions occur during tandem battle, the driver at fault will lose advantage points. Incidental contact is allowed but not encouraged. Drivers are required to complete the entire course, even if the other driver crashes, hits, spins, stalls or is not able to complete the run. Drivers are always being judged as long as they are on course. Pace Zone can be marked with a cone or comparable marker and may be placed on the starting straightaway to keep the Tandem Battles fair and close together. The use of a Pace Zone will be specified during the drivers’ meetings. Tandem Scoring will be observed by the (3) judges during the head-to-head battle. There will be no declaration of scores between the two runs. At the conclusion of the head-to-head battle, each judge will individually declare a winner. Judges will select from three options:

1. Driver “A” wins

2. Driver “B” wins

3. “Tie”

The majority rule will decide the winner. In the event there is no clear majority, a “One More Time” will be granted, and the competitors will begin another 2-run head-to-head battle. Multiple “One More Times” may be necessary to determine a winner.

7. Championship Points

1st 16pts

2nd 15pts

3rd 14pts

4th 13pts

5th 12pts

6th 11pts

7th 10pts

8th 9pts

9th 8pts

10th 7pts

11th 6pts

12th 5pts

13th 4pts

14th 3pts

15th 2pts

16th 1pt

17th-32nd 0pts

2 points will be awarded to the number one qualifier.

8. Sign ups

All Sign ups will be reviewed at the main thread, post here with a S2 licensed account!

Here is a list of the current numbers taken.

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 29, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 42, 45, 46, 47, 49, 55, 66, 69, 76, 77, 81, 82, 86, 87, 88, 95, 99, 101, 114, 123, 137, 155, 321, 420, 666, 777, 868, 909, 989, 993

9. Event Password

Event password will be PM'ed out to all approved entries LFSforum account.

10. Team Points

Teams will be credited with their top 2 points earners in each event. (Not highest finishing position)

11. Schedule

Events will be held every Sunday starting October 9th at 2PM Eastern Standard Time. Here's some other time zones

11AM Pacific Time

1PM Central Time


Here's our complete Schedule:

October 9th - Event #1

October 16th - Event #2

October 23rd - Event #3

October 30th - Event #4

November 6th - Event #5

November 13th - Event #6

November 20th - Event #7

All events will be held at the same time Eastern Standard Time (2 PM), so refer back to here for any daylight savings time issues we may run into.

11. Ventrillo is mandatory for all drivers, but a microphone is not necessary.

XRT with no tweak will be the only car allowed.

Preheating will NOT be allowed.

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