(SoCal) FS 80/20 Rig and Simlab triple monitor stand PRICE DROP $420
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First up is my sim rig.  It was made by a guy here in Los Angeles.  It has powder coated dark grey with silver flake brackets and wheel plate.  I'd recommend this base for anyone with a Clubsport v2.5 and down as my DD2 was a bit too strong for it (there is a little play in the uprights with a DD2.) The good thing about this base is that its completely adjustable and I'm including seat sliders in it.  They're just generic seat rails but still get the job done.  If the buyer wants to have pedal tilt, they will likely want to buy some cheap legs for this to get it up off the ground an inch or two.  It will also come with two unfinished upright brackets that are a little thicker and stronger.  The comparable sim-lab version of this stand is about $585+tax+shipping from Europe.  $515 obo   $480  $450  $420

Second is the triple monitor stand.  I was told when I bought this that it was an older version of the Sim-Lab stand.  It's the bigger version that they sell so it's really strong and can hold big monitors.  The Only downside for this is that the aluminum has some scuffs and marks on it.  Most of them will likely clean up with some water and elbow grease though.  Comes with 3 VESA style mounting brackets.  This version of the stand from sim lab is $350+tax+shipping from Europe.  $300 obo SOLD

The hardware in both is the nicer spring ball stuff.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SEAT OR MONITORS PICTURED.  

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Located in Redondo Beach (just south of LAX and Los Angeles). I'd rather sell local but if shipping is the only option, buyer will have to pay.


I'd consider trade for PC parts, 3080, sim stuff, etc.  Especially looking for Heusinkveld pedals.  I could throw in my v3 inverted Fanatec pedals with the performance break kit installed as well. 

Thanks for looking,










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