Difficulty setting for becoming a better driver.
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Hi all,

This is a question that has troubled me for long, at least since the first time I played the career mode in Assetto Corsa in 2015. If I am an average or less than average driver but I want to get better (however gradually) what difficulty setting should I keep for the AI in games like Assetto Corsa or Dirt Rally 2.0? I am never satisfied just by winning races by keeping the AI on low difficulty. I know that it might give me a false sense of getting better but maximum difficulty also means that it can get very frustrating sometimes. Anyway, if I just want to get better and am not very concerned about wins, should I keep the difficulty settings at minimum, medium or maximum? What will help me keep getting better but also having a sense of progression?
If somebody could please give me some advice on this, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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