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I am upgrading to direct drive and an all new rig. Selling my Fanatec gear. I based my prices looking at the market currently, please let me know if you can find equivalent used gear for cheaper and I'll consider matching. Buyer pays shipping. If you purchase all 4 items, I can do $900 + shipping. Let me know.

Location: NC, USA

Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2.5

  • Purchased April 2018
  • Second owner
    • First owner purchased from Fanatec in November 2017, showed me proof of purchase at the time of purchase.
  • Firmware updated to the latest
  • Light cosmetic scratches on the see through plastic (from mountain monitor and touching)
  • Comes with Fanatec USB Cable and power supply, angled mount, and mountain hardware from my rig.
  • Price: $400

Fanatec Clubsport Formula Black - Wheel

  • Purchased with wheel above in April 2018
  • Second owner
  • Normal wear and tear, but I'd say in good condition.
  • Alcantara condition: 4/10
  • Alcantara is very matted down from being wrapped on top of with tennis overgrip.
  • If you plan to drive without gloves, I highly recommend this. Happy to wrap the grips before shipped at no charge. 
  • Price: $200

Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2 - Wheel 

  • Purchased April 2018
  • Second owner
  • Very little use, in great condition, except for 1 tear in alcantara on the bottom of the rim (see photos).
  • Alcantara condition: 7/10*  (except for the tear)
  • Happy to use a fabric glue and close this tear before shipping at no additional charge.
  • Price: $200

Fanatec CSL Elite Load Cell Pedals

  • Ordered Nov 2017
  • First owner
  • Comes with Fanatec USB cable, and different durometer brake pedal inserts, and mountain hardware from my rig.
  • Price: $200


image_50590209 (5).JPG

image_50590209 (4).JPG

image_50590209 (3).JPG


image_50590209 (2).JPG

image_50590209 (1).JPG








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