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KFF F1 2011 League on PS3

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Hey everyone

So things are starting to build up towards the release of F1 2011 in September and i'm just posting about the leagues that the KFF gaming community will be running for it.

The KFF started out as a league site for F1CE back in 2007 and was very successful with 6 seasons run with 3 divisions. There was also involvement in other games such as FIFA, COD, R6V etc. As F1CE eventually faded away there was a bit of a lull and the focus switched to other things such as Top Spin 3, Dirt and Grid. However F1 was always the big thing and when F1 2010 came out there was a big interest and we've had 3 very good seasons with 3 divisions still running very strongly.

So for F1 2011 we're very excited at the next offering from Codies and we will be running the league again. We consider ourselves a gaming community and the most important element is having fun and enjoying some gaming. Whether you are super fast or just starting out online doesn't matter, everyone is welcome We're not as 'hardcore' as some other sites but we have plenty of experience of running F1 leagues and do so as seriously, properly and fairly as possible.

An important factor in whether you're interesting in joining in is our race day/time. In the league we race every Monday night at 7.30pm UK time and do two GPs a night which consist of qualifying and a 40% race. That usually takes 2 hours so to take part you need to be able to race between 7.30pm and 9.30pm every Monday night. We have practices and 1 off events at other times but to be in the league you need to be able to make that slot every week.

On F1 2010 season 3 has just finished and season 4 (a shortened season to fit it in before F1 2011 comes out) is starting soon so if you sign up there may be a chance to join in with that. Limited space however at the minute so no gurantees but we'd try and slot people into a division where possible.

If you're interested then the place to go is Registration is free and pop a post in the introduction thread and say hello there and/or the chatbox and get to meet some of the members

You can also check our Trailer to see what we plan to do this Autumn/Winter here

Check out some of the F1 2010 action on our Youtube channel -

You can also like us on FB:

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