Best Bass Shakers setup, looking for advice

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Since the time I got some answers concerning bass shakers I've been interested to give it a shot for films/shows on my office seat. 

Setting everything up is the part I'm generally stressed over, however I'll cross that connect when I get to it. First I need to ensure that every one of my parts are viable and in case I'm missing anything. I'm particularly stressed over the wattage; regardless of whether the amp will function admirably with the two transducers I plan on utilizing. 

Here is the full arrangement: 

2x Dayton Audio TT25 

LEPY LP-2020A Amp 

USB Sound Card 

3.55 mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable 

Speaker Cable 2 x 0.50mm Wire 

Any issues whatsoever with this? Something else I ought to incorporate or anything I ought to know about? 

I'm totally new to this so I'd welcome any assistance. 

Note: I was basing my arrangement off of a Sim Racing seat mod, so not certain the arrangement ought to be the equivalent for a home theater.

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I'm not sure the Lepy can drive the Daytons fully. My transducer is way softer than the Daytons and it burned a similar Lepy up.

Plus if you run it out of the main sound you'll only get some imersion, it's lile having a sub-subwoofer. To have total imersion and get every feeling out of the kickers you should run it via software in a 2nd sound card. SimCommander4 is the best and plug and play. There are some open souces solutios out there but they are tricky to set up.

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