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TM Sparco 383 Issues

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So I just got a Sparco 383 rim. It's brand new but was an open box item. It's never even been attached to a base before mine. I have all the latest drivers/firmware installed on my TX base. Testing it on the control panel, some buttons work and some don't. The right paddle doesn't work. The directional switch works but when it's pushed in any direction it also activates half of the other buttons at the same time. The control panel lists it as a 458 Italia Wheel but shows a generic wheel picture (like when you attach your own rim with an adapter but no din connector). My question is what connection in the wheel tells the base what it's functions are? The original toy rim that comes with the TX has the same molex plug (but no ground wire like the Sparco wheel). If the problem was in the din plug's wiring somewhere could I just swap the connector and hub out of the cheap TX 458 rim and put it in the Sparco rim? I have a suspicion it may be the Sparco rim's board though because I think they flash the boards with the rim's firmware. If it has bad firmware obviously I can't fix it. Anybody have any experience or insight on how to possibly get it working? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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