G27/G29/G920 Steering Wheel Adapters 70 & 74mm
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Logitech G27/G29/G920 Steering Wheel Adapters

High Quality Solid Adaptors hand finished carbon look by SimGadgetStudios. For both 6x70mm and 6x74mm, Adaptors for MPI and GRANT 3  aftermarket wheels also.

70 and 74mm MOMO SPARCO OMP ect. (74mm adaptors won't fit G29)

Paddle shift extenders also available for flat and deep dish from 320 to 350mm aftermarket wheels.  

Available from my Ebay Store or from SimGadgetStudios STL. files for download also available for adaptors and wind simulators.


P1010193.thumb.JPG.516c5e8225b4fed0515ce226178e298a.JPG P1010192.thumb.JPG.c150b3db6d6f1684a0d4fe62e2b4de42.JPG P1010196.thumb.JPG.a85bb4177b7f48c517f43640c80a0fe4.JPG P1010112.thumb.JPG.df89b8fae8b01e398944fe4a7b823a1f.JPG  P1010110.thumb.JPG.c2297467620a9dad4debd7ebec6f3b4d.JPG P1010109.thumb.JPG.492d99a94a59651516bc51357e8d840e.JPG P1010111.thumb.JPG.cc81e559e3823dc2bd99d8983b4ad9eb.JPG

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